Friday, March 4, 2011

Rain.. Sickness.. And awesomeness

Ohai Everyone Happy Friday! First off I wanna say congrats to everyone who won the Kids Choice Awards, it was awesome and  a cool experience for all involved. Way to go on the hard work of everyone providing us with totally cool products. Now on to some fifty linden friday cuteness.. First up The OSE raingear from  Candii Kitten  Comes with a jacket and a umbrella and is totally adorable a must have for alla those rainy day school days.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby its.. STILL... cold outside!!!

This blog was suppose to be for camp, but a lot of things have been happening and I got more and more behind. Even though my blog days are Sunday, I really want to blog.

SEY was very generious (gets all excited b/c I love that store) and supplied me with some awesome items. I wanted to thank them and showcase some of their outfits that are NOT only for adults. Heres a LOTD ideas for some cooler weather wear and for the not so foo foo girls, as well as boys.