Friday, October 29, 2010

Breakin' the ICE

It's Thursday folks!

I'm feeling super clean today and a bit on the coooool side so I thought I'd give you the simple slices of life and show you a cute, random game and my LOTD of the day! My day has just been sorta super full but mostly I wasn't able to focus on anything. Yesterday I was all like.. "Oh I'm going to work on everything and get all of it done!" ... ha. That so did not happen. I was just blah. Does anyone else get like that? I was lookin' through my inventory and saw this cute game and it's pose and I loved it so much because it was one of my favs when I was littler, like three. *nods*

This game is Break the Ice  and I'm sure that a lot of you peeps have played it. It's a cute game pose that comes with the props and is from Sars! When you sit with the game you attach the little green hammer and it allows a hitting motion with that arm. I like it and always have and sometimes I just take it out and play with it in my room while my mom is cooking liver and onions. >.<

Noooow for my l   o   t   d...


I just felt like hanging out and relaxing today so I wore something that was way back  in my closet. A classic tee and jeans look. It never gets old. It's comfy and my mom says that if I get ice cream on my shirt I won't get in trouble cause it's worn out. *shrugs*

Necklace/Bracelet: !JK! Kids Star Set
Shoes: >>Rockzy<< Sneaker Classic white

**The shoes I am wearing I got from a store that is no longer open, they had an awesome closing sale and I got everything I could.

Well there you have it and you know what I am so sleepy. *yawns* See you guys next week. Ciao Mein Noodles! 


  1. ewwwwwwww Liver and onions! nasty! Your post is awesome!!

  2. Break the ice! I remember that game! It was soo much fun. Love the post!!

  3. not sure how I missed this but hahaa so cute <3 Love it Kaydia!!