Sunday, October 17, 2010

"like OMG did you see what she was wearing? It was soooo Spooktacular!!!"

14 days until Halloween!!! I'm a student at OSE and we had an amazing dance put together by the Little Leaders group and Jill & Gattz for the music, esp. NKOTB ones! hahaha! So round of applause for you hard workers. Looking at all the amazing costumes I had seen, I decided to get the kid community help. I picked out 4 costumes worn by girls from the a.m. dance. I thought the girls had put some time into these & thought out of the box. You know me, I like that stuff! Saving my costume blog for Halloween!

While shaking my tail feather, I seen such amazing costumes: vampires, tinkerbell, cpt. hook, alice, the rabbit, robots, monster, cinderella, clown, g.i. joes, ragedy ann and andy, witches, puppeteer (loved that one Jasper), and just so much more! Check out these costumes I loved.


1. Pumpkin by BabyCakes Venom
- *wonders where the pumpkin seeds are?*

Costume: [LM] - (boots, pumpkin, jacket/pants, & a hat with leaves)
(have to get lm when she gets online, I can't find it. Please check back later)
2. Cupcake Faery by Brenna Seideler
- which took 1st in cutiest in the a.m. dance

Dress/Wings/Sceptre: Sparkle Skye Designs - (a Subscribe-o-Matic Gift)
     (thats right, its a freebie! How awesome is that!!!)
Flower Garland: Wishbox - (Happy Foibles Wreath)
Shoes: Baby Couture - (Silver Glitter Flats)


3. Madonna by Sana Winslet - *sings* - "Who's that girl???" 
She said, "the costume i am wearing is pieced together. it took me ages to fit together and even took help from other people."

Shirt: Nyte'N'Day - (Fracas Tee)
Nyte'N'Day - (Hike Tank - Sheer Red)
-2 layers worn under jacket layer so sheerness isn't so much
Skirt: Canimal - (FooFoo TuTu)
Shoes: Gocs - Docs (V2 8 Hole - F - black)
Leggings: KAT - (Lace Leggings red) - on Second Life Marketplace
Hair: Exile - (Mina/champagne)
Necklace: SPICA - (Pearl & silver rosary)
Bracelets: LOULOU&CO  - (engima)
GlovesCreative Kaoz Designs - (Chantilly Lace Gloves II Black)
Glasses: Solar Designer Eyewear - (Castor)
Headband: Scribble - (Black Sesame)
4. Witch by Marienne Eiren
- Must be Halloween's good witch of the north b/c she's so cute!

Outfit and Wand: *H+K*  - (orange honey witchgirl)
Hair: D!va -  (Chika - Black amber)
BootsLarnia Kids - (black cat)
Bucket: She made this in class but said Larnia has cute pumpkin buckets
*hides the candy wrappers* Shhh I found the Halloween candy early. So no one go to my house, b/c there won't be any candy left. I'm hoping to carve some pumpkins tonight and eat my pumpkin seeds. Does anyone else eat the pumpkin seeds? You clean them off, sprinkle salt, & put them in the oven until they're lightly golden. ... =Q___ *drools* so nummy!

Hope you guys like my continue of Halloween blogs. There is just so much to cover with all these costume choices. Next week, I'm going to cover boys costumes! Can't leave the boys out!!! Also, having something else but its a suprise. So make sure to see next Sunday!!!
Shoutout: If, you're an OSE student and interested in becoming a Little Leader, please contact Hailey Capelo.

I took a bunch of pictures from both dances.

*Gets on my gas powered broomstick and flies away*


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    Lowi Thank you so much! Mwah!! I love it!!! <3333

  2. Great post and awesome pictures! <3