Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love and friendship will over come every bump in the road...

Hey! Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope your day has been going great! I'm super swamped but I couldn't resist posting an adorable LOTD today with AWESOME new hair from [elikatira]! So it's gonna be a small post but it's got a lot of stuff going on too, so keep your eyes peeled!

The holidays are coming as you can see in my family's house. We're a little anxious to get into the holiday spirit! But I knoow that's not what you want to hear anyway. How about this hair? Is it not cute?! Right now it's one of my fave's I've been wearing it all day and even most of yesterday! It's from [elikatira] by Elikapeka Tiramisu. This one is called Blind and it comes in 2 versions! One with bangs like I'm wearing and one without! It's really different and SO sweet. There is a little clip at the side too this is so adorable. It's a very sweet hair and I think it's sort of a must have! 

This is my second hair for today! I think I adore it like whoa! It's more 'off your face' but it's kinda good for everything. You can wear it up with a tiara or like here with an adorable headband. (Don't worry I'm gonna get to this amazing headband in a sec). The hair is called Details and it's SUCH a must have hair. The little bun at the back is SO perfect and the messy hair whisps are such love! You're gonna LOVE this hair when you get it!

I'm gonna breeze this a bit, cuz a lot has been blogged before I just want to draw your attention to this headband from {Elsewhere}. Bette Bodenhall (some of you know her itty self, who is super awesome and sweet), owns elsewhere and did these amazing headbands! Remember spiral headbands? Well she did a bunch and a WHOLE bunch of colours! So you could get them all and totally mix and match them with your outfit! This is such a great little accessory! You totally just need to go get every colour. They're called {elsewhere} sally's silly spiral headband!

Now I've seen some prim teeth and tattoo teeth, and sometimes they're a little too perfect for kids. I mean we're children! We have babyteeth. Well awesome Cindy Lu, owner of Giggle[box] made these amazing teethie tattoos. The teeth used are kids! They're small, they're not perfect and they SO realistic looking. I fell in LOVE with them when I saw them. So if you're looking for teeth, check these out!

*LC*  - Little Princess Set (AD)
[ATOMIC]- Cozy Cardi - Cream
Reek - FTW Tees - Girls - Iunno Jeans (Light Wash)
*LightStar-Knit Boots-White
*LC* - My Wifey Ring (rainbow) Boxed

Hope your Wednesday is amazing and SUPER Sweet <33 *hugs and kisses*

P.s. I'd like to take a second Thank Telsey and Daisie for an amazing run. Both girls have decided that their time with Cosmic Scribblers has come to an end. The blog dynamic will be swapping a little now, we will have a new blogger joining us, as well as an older face you will ALL recognize. She has been welcomed back to the blog with open arms and we're SO excited to have her. Tels and Daisie ILY both SO much and we all wish you the best!

xoxo, Riley Sapphire