Friday, November 12, 2010

Om nom nom nom...

Heya Peeps~

Today is THURSDAY!!! And it is totally my turn to keep you guys informed of some awesome stuff and I'm super duper excited about this weeks blog!

I've been to this store a majillion times and every time I go in there I'm always "ooing" and "awing" the cute things that is there. Alatariel Muliaina is the owner and creator of ~*Mouthiiz*~  and is amazingly good at what she does. She's fairly new at what she's doing and she opened her store about this time last year. It's only recently though that's she's been able to grow in her talent. Although, soooorta new her product is detailed and beautiful! I'm just super awed by what she can do. Sooooo, here is an awesome preview of what I got from her store.

I was given the OSE ~Mouthii~ which is so cutsie! Don't pay no attention to Kaden back there, he's the definition of silly. Waaaait, speaking of Kaden... I wanna say a big, huge thank you to him for being my guest blogger last week!! So here it is a big, fat....

Anyway, *giggles* In her store she also has HKE and Bassett ~Mouthii~'s for you peeps that don't attend OSE. Her ~Mouthii~'s are intricate and detailed oriented and she has different sorts through out her store, so you'll definitely wanna take a look. Here's another one of my favs in her store. <3 One for you and one for your bestie!

And now ladee's and boy's...


~Brrrrrr~ It's getting cold out there....

Ciao Mein Noodles! 

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  1. yayyyy mouthies mine fav thing Awesome blog Mine Kaydia <333