Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ohai Scary Looking Ad!

Candii, coming atcha live today from planet Cosmic-Scribbles! I know, today is not my usual blog day, but one of our wonderful, spectacular, sparkletastic bloggers had to leave us, so I'm going to annoy you guys today! Let's see, what to blog about. I can tell you about what I've eaten today... or my cat... she likes to claw me... Okay, that's too boring. How about, today I give you some pointers that have helped me in the past... Todays blog will be about how to, and not to, make an ad for your store!

First off. Ever walked into a store and been like OMG ATTACK of the colors and backgrounds, there's no lighting... *pulls hair out*... well, that's how I feel sometimes so to help you keep that from being your store, let's start off simple!

So many people start a store with a complete and utter mess and that is hard to get past. I’m not talking unorganized, I’m talking a poorly planned layout, poorly done ads, poor placement. How to fix it?

-When doing your ads, please for the love of god, take the picture out of game into a photoshop or paintshop program. If you don’t have the money to buy either one, GIMP is a perfectly useable freebie program that I personally use to make my clothes.
-Write the name of the outfit, some key features such as ‘comes with shoes!’ ‘Comes in three colors!’ ‘Two outfits in one!’ etc to catch the customers eye and describe the outfit, making it more desirable. But try to always tell them what they are getting in the box so they aren't surprised to find it has no shoes.
-Take a couple pictures at different angles for your ad, and make your ad 512×512, it rezzes more clearly in game and doesn’t take ages for the photo to rez.
-Use a light source of some sort when taking the pictures, it’ll help remove shadows off your face and body or off the object you are photographing to make the ad more clear.
-DON’T WEAR NEWBIE SKIN. Wear a nice skin from places such as Curio or Laq. I know what you look like shouldn’t matter, but seriously, if you are butt ugly I’m probably going to find your outfit butt ugly. (Just sayin lol)
-Don’t use the same old crappy freebie poses that everyone else uses. Go to pose stores such as ‘Glitterati’ ‘Tuli’ ‘Vista Animation, just to name a few, and get NICE poses to use to take your photos.
-Take your photos against a background, be it a solid color or some sort of image, but don’t just take a picture in your house.
Here is a nice example of how TO do your ad. Simple, I don't use background images, just solid colors, easy to read font, explains how to purchase different colors.

And heres and example of how NOT to do your ad. See in the photo, she's got no pose, just kinda hanging out there, in the house, no light at all, bad skin... I would not buy that outfit, would you?

Hope this helps, even in the least, to help everyone make their store all it can be! See you guys Monday!


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  1. its scarry!!!! mini momma who u trying to lie to that second pic is really wut u look like with out all the tuns of makeup on :-P