Thursday, October 21, 2010

Calling Hoarders!! - Inventory Challenge Week 2

Week one of our inventory clean-up challenge started with cleaning out some easy to find items. Two more "easys" came up in the comments that you might add to your list: Demo and Object. I will caution, if you're a builder, you might actually check those objects before mass deleting.... and while you're at it, give yourself a lecture on naming items as you rez them :P This week I went on a total shopping spree (Ohai Truth Hair and Babydolls!), so my number went up (39821). But there's a way do some damage control even if our inventories keep growing.

Lishi's Look: Outfit: Inner Peace Braylyn (Coming to a 50L Friday near you!)
Halloween Hair (includes hat!):  Love Soul
Pumpkin Branch Mouthie: Love Soul Lucky Chair Gift
Week 2 Tip: Using Filters
Okay, this week's going to tackle two areas that can bulk up your numbers unnecessarily: Notecards and Landmarks. For me, these are always the two areas that are the most "tackleable" (because you really don't want to see my exploding texture folder!)

If I knew that I had 23 landmarks from truth (because maybe I bought 23 new hairs), I could search for the LM name and delete them all. But what about all those landmarks that I have which are duplicates that I don't really know about?

Thats' when I use inventory filters. To open filters, first make sure you're on the All items tab, then go to File (on Inventory window)--> Show Filters. On Viewer 2, click the gear at the bottom of inventory--> Show Filters. A popup will appear listing different inventory types. Here you can select, or deselect different types of inventory to display.If I'm going to select only one (like just landmarks) I hit NONE, then check Landmarks. ALL my landmarks appear! Woo!

Here's what I do next:
I delete the ones where I immediately see multiple copies. Then, I drag the rest, by folder into a folder in my Landmarks folder. So, all the animation landmarks go into an animation folder in my Landmarks folder. Then, I can sort by name (Sort--> by Name) and easily see duplicates. I don't keep LM's for most places though, usually just for the places I frequent... I figure I can look up the less frequent places by creator names when I need to, so if it's from hunts or stuff like that, those are definitely trashed.

Now, just because this works for me, doesn't mean it'll work for you! Do what works for you! Some people delete them all. Some people like to put LM's on notecards and keep them all sorted by notecard. Some people sort them in folders. What else do you do?

So now that you get the gist of using filters, this week's steps:

Week 2 Challenge Steps:
1) Using filters, clean out duplicate or unneeded landmarks and/or...
2) Using filters, clean out info notecards, and other notecards that aren't needed (do you really need 50 notes on how to resize your skirts?)
3) Check for Demos, Objects, and any of last week's quick check items.

Bonus step: 
4) Use filters to search for unneeded scripts

*Remember, if you post your start and end number in comments this week, at the end of the 4 weeks, you'll get a super special gift! If doing all of the challenge is too much, do a little! Some is better than none!*


  1. Sierraalexandria ahnOctober 21, 2010 at 2:16 AM

    start 11,569
    end 10,990

  2. okay, so I ONLY did the landmark and demo cleaning so far (notecards i'll have to tackle another time O.O ) But here are my numbers 24,411 tooooooo 22,969 WOW!

  3. woot! I did my notecards and scripts. It wasn't NEARLY as bad as lms; lol! 22969 to 22097. That's a total of 2,314 objects deleted, wow!

  4. Fatima: 20,297 > 18,594 = 1703

    will post lia's when I do it later lol

  5. Started: 38,117
    Finished: 37,782

    I didn't get to the LMs yet, but did get rid of a number of objects, unfortunately some of those objects were parts of folders and can't rename them (i didn't delete those objects *lol*), but did tackle the demos and other objects. Something else that i looked at was the "About.." notecards. Once you've looked at them, you don't really need them anymore.

  6. i will be getting to those filters when i return this afternoon from RL.

  7. start: 26,550
    end: 25,877

    darn that was hard lol

  8. Start: 5721
    Finish: 4976

    745 unnecessary items deleted!

  9. Start: 31,687
    Finish: 31,670

    I just cleaned up LM's the other day LOL!
    AND in my own defense I hit up the gathca today!! :)
    Awesome post Lishi!

  10. Started-43,258 Went up cuz i bought couple of things :O

    and i finished.... and here is my results...

    dun dun dun

    Finish- 35,256

    awesome post thank you lishi

  11. ohmigosh, that was painful! I didn't realize i had sooo many LMs! After learning about filters, i decided to do one for notecards.. ohhhh.. many hidden notecards! And, i filtered for gestures too.. so,
    to begin, i had: 37,926
    finished at:31,677!!

  12. Thought of something else to delete.. all those pics that are attached to notecards and notices!

  13. starting week 2: 11,233
    ending 10,711

    and thats after i did last weeks.. i was a week behind. rofl. my starting from before i cleaned out anything was 11,788 :O

  14. starting 22.350
    ending 21,579

    Thanks for the awesome advice lishi <3

  15. Whoo! This one really dropped a lot off my inventory count.

    46,793 - 45,674

  16. wowies!!! FInished this weeks finally! that was harder but SO helpful!

    Start: 45023
    End: 41326

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  18. So.. umm.. yeah.. forgot about scripts and objects folder. So my start today was: 48,031.. and I ended with 45,091

    What's next sissy? Can hardly wait to see how small this inventory is going to go!

  19. wooo! Start number is 17,988 to 16,239.

  20. 22,471 before
    21,503 after deleting notecards
    21,710 after buying hair
    20,870 after deleting landmarks and checking the quick checks

  21. after week 1 - 2998
    purchases - 3076
    week 2 & trash dump - 2947 (129 - yay)

    Caitlin Whitefalcon

  22. Starting: 36,596
    Finish: 34,706