Friday, November 19, 2010

Once Upon a Crazy Night....

 Ohai Everyone! Happy Friday.. I want you to sit down so I can tell you a crazy story that happened tonite 0.o I know right be scared.. Oh wait that was for Halloween .. This one is about Winter and Thanksgiving!!!  I have some really cool things to show you about this weeks fifty L Friday and some really cute new places! Oot I love newness. Okay we started this long crazy journey right about midnight * ever notice the later it gets the crazier you get*  Okay back to the story So it was dark and wintery out in some places in others its still fall crazy weather this time of year! So our first stop was by Candii Kitten to check out the awesome "White Family Sled Pose" As you can totally see in that pic letting us kids drive  a sled is a dangerous adventure!

After we totally scared the crap outta the adults by driving the sled, We  settled in to the snow for some really cool play clothes, and winter outfits, while your out creating your own story for today you should pick up these two awesome fits/ The first one is modeled by Mine wifey Kaylee, and is called "Reindeer Games" and is brought to you by the crazy Rory of Larnia Kids. The One I'm wearing is some of our newness for the day brought to you by the store called Absolute Girls  This fit is called "Snowman Sweater Outfit" This is totally cute boots included and perfect for the colder weather upon us!

  So now it's getting to be a little later and things get even crazier .. We get hungry acourse because shopping always gives me the munchies.. I think it comes from the shopping problem its like an addiction or something.. So we stopped to find some donuts and hot chocolate , Instead we found these two totally cute got to have winter wardrobe necessities. We are both wearing the " Texture Changing Striped Winter Set" Made by RawrMuffinz This totally cute hat, mittens, and scarf is a really good way to warm up! The shirts are brought to you by Vicarious Vitae great long sleeved turtle necks,  Nice and comfy and comes in a few colors! " Plain Turtle Sweaters" Is what your looking for here! 
After Snack time, It was time to warm things up with this totally funky fresh outfit from Babydolls As you can tell we totally got outta the snow and back into the fall weather , for this picture,  Anyways this adoraableee fit is called "Devyn" I think I really like it because its kinda all flowy awesomness! Make sure you pick this dress up.
 Now its getting later and later and the later it gets the more wierd stuff happens like we were totally just shopping and talking on skype and we decided we needed to have some total awesomness dedicated to Thanksgiving.. So here it is I am claiming a little bit of randomness and wierdness  when we took this picture we were giggly hyper!! (prolly from alla that late night candy ) Anyways we fit four fifty  L things into one pic so bear with me as I try to say this in a big mouthful!  The "Turkey Hat" *points down* is by Sweet Moments Is totally adorable for you Thansgiving holiday , and that "Turkey fit" brought to us by DolleePocket  its different and cute!  Kaylee my partner in crime who thinks its fun to make alla the sugar run to my head is wearing "Animal Hat Bunny" By GiggleBox and "Heartie" By Inner Peace These are totally My LOTD you get two today because I love it sooo much.
After that totally draining sugar rush kill, I decided to take a break to catch up on my "Harry Potter Storytime" Because we Alll Know that Harry Potter rocks, the wonderful people at  Wonderkids  came out with this book set , that includes three or four awesome poses, and  all about Harry Potter So sit back relax and pull up a book. While we are talking about totally awesome seats , check out the hippo from Sprinkles and Bingles "Granny Hippo Lounger" and more books is what you can find here ,They always have fifty L deals hidden around so make sure you look around.

After resting for a bit we decided it was time to go play in the snow again , This is where some more newness comes into the picture... This totally rocking winter scene has  awesome animations, and alot to do there is room for three people on here, and you can skate, fall, make snow angels, have a snowball fight, or build a snowman!The "Jane" outfit we are rockin while we played in the snow is by Baby Couture, Totally cute check it out too.  What better ways to spend your day then playing in the snow... You totally have to have this "Winter Fun" set from Tuft. I haven't seen this store before and I totally fell in love with it it has awesome cute things, so make sure you head out n battle the weather this fifty linden friday is totally worth it!!!