Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everytime I turn around, something's just not right...

Happy Tuesday everyone! *shares her chocolate bars and gum with everyone* Hope your Halloween was FULL of Candy and all things scary- but not too scary! I wanna give a quick Thank You to Darla for guest blogging last Tuesday! It was awesome and super cute and I hope you all enjoyed it too! This week I'll be bringing you ANOTHER hair store, one that I stopped shopping at, at one point, but I seem to have gone back to! The new stuff is REALLY cute, kid friendly and I hope you think so too. I've got 4 different hairs and 4 different outfits to show you... so really... 4 LOTDs!

This is the first look I pulled together. The hair called CASS 02 from Sixty Nine. If you're part of the in world group, you're lucky enough to grab this hair as a group gift! Along with 3 others that are TOTALLY cute! I love the bangs on it and the wispy little hairs around the ears give it such a realistic feel. The texture is adorable too! These hairs are great because they ALL come with a resizer script so if you're head is too small for the hair, just make it smaller by a few clicks! Or if you're head is HUGE like mine, then make it bigger. The outfit I have on is from Babydoll Boutique's newest release. It's so warm looking and called AshleyRose in red. I really like this whole outfit, it's so pretty and very girly. If you're not a fan of red, there are a bunch of other colours too! So really there is something for everyone!

Babydoll's Boutique- *BB* AshleyRose in red
Sixty Nine- [ 69 ] CASS 02- Chestnut

Hair number 2 from Sixty Nine is LIBBY 01. I love loove this hair. The braids are really different from some I've seen. I love how messy they braids are yet it looks still put together. You could add some cute clips, maybe a headband to the look if you want to as well! The super cute outfit is from CCC called Nicolette in white. It's such a perfectly classic little girl's dress. The shoes are so sweet looking and the dress is adorable. Your SL closet isn't complete without this dress- and it again comes in multiple colours!

CCC- Nicolette in White
Sixty Nine- [ 69 ] LIBBY 01- Chestnut

Isn't this hair ADORABLE?! I HAD to buy it when I saw it at Sixty Nine. It's called Moa 1. It's simple and it's short but it's so soft looking. It's like the perfect little girl hair. I love how it's pulled off the face and the waves are just so darling. It's a must have if you go to Sixty Nine. The perfect outfit I grabbed to match it, is from Candy Kitten called FionaRose 2 in Blue. The dress is really sweet and gentle, but those boots! I love loove these boots, they're very cute and look amazing with the dress!

[C*K]- FionaRose in Blue
Sixt Nine- [ 69 ] MOA 01- Chestnut

Last but not least, from Sixty Nine comes MIMI 01. This hair is really cute. The bangs are perfect and the ponytails is kinda funky! I love the loose hairs around the ears and coming from the ponytail, it really completes this hair! It's a really cute kids hair I think. Another total must have for sure! The cute outfit is from Aura's newest release calle Izzy Dress - Turq and I've matched the dress with *Aura's* Pom Pom Fur Boots (Pink), they're great because they're texture change boots! The dress is really pretty and very Autumny!
*Aura's*- Izzy Dress - Turq
Sixty Nine- [ 69 ] MIMI 01- Chestnut
*Aura's*- Pom Pom Fur Boots (Pink)

Worn Throughout:
[BabyCouture] Aerina - Tulip Stud Earrings
Giggle[box]- -G[b]R- Besties Necklace ~Best
LacieCakes- My Wifey Ring (rainbow)
Tres Blah- Nail Colour (red)

That's it! 4 hairs and 4 looks for you today! Hope you enjoy seeing/reading about them as much as I enjoyed writing about them! Have a safe week and happy shopping!

   Riley Sapphire


  1. *runs over to 69 and gobbles up all the hair and the Nicolette outfit from Chels* haha. Great blog Riles!!! <3333

  2. Aw Thank you! The hair is SO great there <3 Enjoy them!!