Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cleaning my Closet! 4 week challenge to a cleaner, tidier inventory

Outfit: White Cat by Larnia Kids
Did you know huge inventories are more at risk to lose items than those that aren't as unwieldy? (okay, this is anecdotal only, but it's what I've noticed)

How big is YOUR inventory? Mine has 38,644 items today.... and it's a disaster!

Despite continued efforts, our inventories can get crammed full of stuff we don't need. This hurts our load times, the ability to find what we want, and increases the potential to lose inventory. This can really stink when we've spent good L$ on our stuff! We want to be able to find and use all 30K of those items!

So, for the next 4 weeks, I'm going to share with you some tips on how to start taking that unwieldy inventory and making it just a little more manageable.

I'm going to start you off easy this week.... we'll pick up the pace next. This week should take about an hour.

Week 1 Challenge : Delete things that you can easily find and remove
Step 1: Note your starting inventory number
Step 2: Do a search for the following things and delete them:
  1. Delete (Delete me, etc)
  2. Hovertext, floating text (hovertext scripts)
  3. Give (Give inventory scripts) 
  4. Pose Stand, posestand
  5. Thank You
  6. Read ME (some of these might contain directions, so check them out before deleting)
NOTE: As you're deleting make sure you delete the item and not the entire folder, so check your trash as you go.

Step 3: When you've finished, right click on your trash can and empty trash. Post your start and end numbers, if you dare!

To get you all super hyped about doing this challenge, if you post in the comments each week with a start and end number for the week, at the end of the 4 weeks, everyone who participated will receive a super special gift from me! (yes, it will increase your inventory count..but just a smidge) :)

Hope to hear how this week goes!


  1. high 5!! I sooo need to does this lol

  2. yes it sounds fun! thankies for including mine outfit!

  3. Wooo! I'm so glad y'all like the idea!

    And gooooo Fefe!! What an enviable starting number :)

  4. start: 18,338
    week 1: 18,293

    LOL! this makes me wanna delete more but mine is already tidy for the most part..

  5. Found another good one.. 'object' .. if I haven't named it by now.. it needs to be deleted.

  6. Whew... okay on Vernice starting number was 65267 and ending number for now is 59136.

  7. Holy schnikkes there's some good cleanin' going on!

  8. Jaydens Inventory lol because I have about 60,000 things in mine, and I have come to terms, I dont have time to organize it!
    9313 > 9207

  9. I'm really looking forward to this series of posts! Week 1 results:

    Start: 37,920
    Week 1: 37,546

  10. i did this earlier when someone posted on plurk (was it you? i can't remember) so the change isn't going to be as big as it could be, but 24,804 -- 23,891

  11. First off, SUPER CUTE picture! :D and, since it's so late, and i hafta get up in a few hours, i'm not gonna do this now, but i WILL! Right now though, i have around 42K.. how on earth do we get so much??

  12. started 22,813
    eended 22.295

    awesome blog Lishi :D great idea because I dread cleaning out my inventory :D

  13. Started at-43,853
    and Finished at 42,733

    wow thank you lishi i was having the hardest time on keeping my inventory clean... :P but i got it done!!

    I had a big leap :D

  14. mine is actually a pretty clean inventory. I only went from 17,456 to 17,400. Hey that's 56 less. Love this idea. <3 You're so smart hehee

  15. Great post Lishi!! I cant wait to see the rest!
    Started: 32063
    Week 1: 31794

  16. Gwen's inventory


    Deleted everything above plus demos



  17. AWESOME Post!! I am So excited about this! I was in shock at how much of each of those I had! WOW!

    Starting: 47,517
    Ending: 44,431

    I crash when I empty trash so I had to let it reload again! When it was loaded I couldn't beleive the amount I emptied (I already had stuff in trash anyways) so I cleared cache and let it load again! More loaded but still a HUGE difference!

    Cant wait to see other weeks!

  18. Starting : 32, 325
    Ending : 31, 776


  19. Fatima: 19,741 / 19,440 (took bout 20mins)
    Lillia: 23,246 / 22,963 (took about 35mins)

  20. Sierraalexandria ahnOctober 14, 2010 at 3:46 PM

    start :11,864 items(still dont know how after 4 years almost i only have this much)

  21. Lishi!! This rawks! I can't wait to follow along! Thanks for helping us lazy folk. <3

  22. I'd already done the delete me and demos when you plurked about it, but today: Start 4750, end 4670.

    I hate to think what it'd be on my dult. ^.^

  23. Holy cow Miss Nevy, you get the gold star this week for the largest decrease!

    I'm so excited that y'all are excited :)

  24. Ohh I started at

    Before - 10,570 :>

    After - 10390


  25. before - 27,285

    after - 26,550

    yay ty

  26. Before - 24510
    After - 24305

    Not much but every lil bit helps.
    If I would take time to clear out my textures after each build, I could clear out thousands. ~giggles~

    Thanks for the tip!

  27. I caved when I realized I need to really sit down and see what I have instead of trying EVERYTHING on daily.

    Start: 33,409
    Finish: 32, 298


  28. My inventory went from 2864 to 2690, and that included dumping the trash. My inventory is small because I'm fairly new and I don't have a room I can decorate.

    I am going to follow along with my adult AV too. Boy, does she need it! She's not new and her inventory is 35,000.

    Caitlin Whitefalcon

  29. 48,388 to 16,793.

    Granted, I had a ton in my trash already that I didn't delete...but even so, that was quite a bit.

  30. Okay this was probably telling me something:
    Start: 51,666
    End: 51,192

  31. started: 42,883
    finished: 38,088

    But, i also deleted out any duplictes, and my trash was FULL of other stuff i hadn't removed in awhile.. But, my goodness.. how did i have that much stuff in there??

  32. Start: 48,233
    End: 48,031

    Wow!! Had no idea how many of those items I just had floating in random places. I empty trash a few times an SL day and it's nice to see so many go so quickly. *rushes on to week 2*

  33. Okay, I'm a litttle late here, but better late than never!

    Start: 9,662

    End: 9,372

  34. start: 32522
    end: 31665

    startin to feel good!

  35. Do a search for unpacker in your inventory and delete them. :)

  36. start: 19,097
    end: 18, 565
    deleted: 532

    yay! thanks so much!

  37. Well I just found this and even though it was almost 3 years ago I am still trying to do this inventory has become a nightmare

  38. Start: 52,464
    End: 51,192