Friday, November 5, 2010

Fifty Linden Stuffage Tour ....

Ohai! It's been a whole week all ready! I know that everyone is still hyped up on sugar because yanno Halloween rushes last forever.. We were definitely hyped up on sugar last night and this morning to bring you our normal random FLF  stuff.  I have alot of stuff that I wanna show  you today, and because I'm doin this blog with like absolutely Noooooo Sleep at all You are gonna have to deal with some of my silliness. Like the title because I decided Stuffage is a awesome word, and Im in a silly mood, You get to learn a whole new language. * Takes a great big breath*  On to the Stuffage... *Total side note meaning of stuffage: Is totally awesome FLF objects that rock * Due to the fact of there being alot this is picture heavy blog and maybe long.. So buckle up and lets head out on this tour...

There is alot of things to show today and so I had to combine pictures to fit it all in * A few pics with a ton of things to show you coming up Be Warned* Our first item is these totally rocking  wagons that you can pick up from Twiple Twouble, Made by Emma Burks they are filled with cool animals and things. The outfits worn in this picture are from  BunnyCreek and Inner Peace, Both totally rocking fits are 50 Lindens.  

The next outfit on the stuffage tour is made by Dream Doll This store is made by Giselle Melune and she has totally cutetastic stuff that you really need to check out this outfit is called Priscilla.

Now check out the Holiday Fit from Rainy Day Kids It is the perfect outfit for those Holiday parties coming up or family dinners, or even just to hang out in .. It comes with the cutest little bear to cuddle.
The next two awesome outfits come from
Candii Kitten, Ran by Candii Destiny . Totally getting us ready for the colder weather thats bound to come soon.

Sooo Are you ready for a big secret .. I am totally trusting you guys here not to tell MY PARENTS about this next fifty L Item that I hadda have even though we all know that I am totally behaved all the time never ever getting in any trouble... But maybe for the RARE occasions when I do happen to get in trouble this Really cute Time Out Spot from Zoe's Kreationz might actually make me do it. This rug has different poses all to make that time out spot more interesting * Reminder NO TELLING* Check out the poses in the pictures below * points * 
 Now how could I totally pass up a fun spot like that * whispers in yer ears don't tells and it might never be known* Now that I let you see me totally on time out , lets move on to this next spot on the tour * reminds you again that this is a long post*
Points over there This is me and my big brother Corbin who I totally conned into modeling for me because I wanted to watch the sun come up or set and we used this awesome pose from CCC it is a pose for an adult and kid, probably Dad and kid, but since Corbin was around he won ! Anyways its an adorable pose so make sure you check it out.

The next items, are a combined pic , of three gotta have items, the first is the Pink and Purple play house made by Just Kidding this playhouse is I believe 102 prims and comes with all the furniture already inside! A perfect place to hide alla those cookies and treats from your parents don't tell them I told you that either * gives a look* The two sets of jammies that we are wearing  in this pic come from Dream Dolls, and you can get that link up there * points *  and Baby Couture Again both 50 L items .

Well that is our last stop on the Stuffage tour for today,  but there is some things I didnt have time to picture so make sure you pick up the totally awesome Rocking chair from Sassafras. Wonder Kids, Amame, and Sweet Moments all had Rocking hats,you really hasta check them out . Gigglebox has those messy mustaches! Check out Whimzie for the Heart Attack Prank Kit.  Last but not least don't forget to brush up on your reading by heading to Sprinkles and Bingles for some really cool books.  I'm not doing a LOTD for the day because really alla those awesome outfits in  this blog are perfect for a LOTD and I've talked long enough.. Have  great week with alla this Stuffage! * Yawns and goes to pass out*


  1. fank yew *muah* cute post and now I need to go shopping!