Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby It's Colllld Outsideeeee

So uh, I'm a ninja. *Makes it so no one realizes I forgot to blog yesterday* Haha. Since I forgot to blog yesterday, I'm going to blog this morning and Rileykinz is going to blog tonight. Her blog is OOBER special, so be on the lookout for that one! And since I got completely sidetracked, I didn't get to the do the blog I wanted to do. *sadface* BUTTT, today I'm going to teach you a lesson! *beams in pride*

It's -4ยบ here. Far too cold to go outside and play, so instead, I wanted to use mommy's office to write. This lesson is how to make your mommy's office look REALLY pretty. :)

Lesson number 1.

When working, you must have sustinancers, or whatever that word is. It means, you must EAT! So, make sure to bring PLENTY of candy and other yummies while you are working.

Lesson Number 2.

When you are working diligently, you cannot clean up after yourself, so feel free to leave the wrappers there.

Lesson Number 3.

Its all about PAPER! Crumple up as much as possible and make them into pretty shapes and toss them all over and below the desk. Make sure to paper the floor as well with a paper rug and also, don't forget the rolled up printer paper, it makes a WONDERFUL chair decoration. *crumples up my report card and throws it in there too*.

Lesson Number 4.

The laptop.. IS HUNGRY. So feed it! I fed mommys a glass of ice water and some chocolate. See how it smokes with happiness. Awe, the laptop loves me. *snuggles it.*

Lesson Number 5.

INK! It is so pretty. It makes a great decoration on the desk and it also is great for the skin. *dabs it on my legs. Oh, and don't forget the friendly reminder note. I've found it's best to write it backwards and stick it to my forehead, so I can read it in the mirror!

Thanks for tuning it, this has been your lesson for the day, brought to you by LacieCakes Office Infiltrated set!

Also, on a side note. If you are like me, I LOVE bedroom sets. I have pretty much all of the original Sassafras sets and am always on the look out for more. My friend re-opened her adorable little store with awesome bedroom sets, called Little Miss Sunshine. Her sets are lower prim than most stores and cost between 600-650 for a full bedroom set! They are absolutely adorable. I'll make sure to post some pics on my next blog, but check her out! You won't be sorry!

Lots of love,
Til Next time,
Candiicane <3


  1. Awesome post!! <333
    Thanks so much for liking my stuffs!!
    p.s. don't forget to soak the report card in ink to hide that "F" errr I mean FABULOUS grade XD You don't want to be a braggard :p

  2. love it! think i need to try this on my mommy's office