Friday, October 15, 2010

A day in the Life...

Ohhh wow here it is already 50 L Friday and do we have some cuteness stuff for you today. Lucky for you guys I dragged my family along with  me when I went 50 l Friday shopping I wanted to make sure they knew exactly what kinda work I do here ... Yanno how adults can be .. Little did they know I had my evil plan of making them  help me ! I am soo totally sneaky like that. So  first thing first Lets start with the uber cute Halloween Costumes that we have for sale at Larnia Kids The first is great for boys and girls, It is  the Homemade Robot cotume, The next one is the Ragdoll costume and you can get them both for 50 at that link up there. I totally had my mom and dad Jill and Gattz in case you didn't know them model these for me to show you all that altough these costumes were  made for kids, looks good on adults, but looks best on kids~ It's Halloween fun for the whole family .. Are they not the cutest parents you've ever seen! How many would actually dress up for you * they rock* Okay after that totally little side note lets move on to our other fabulous finds.
I don't know about you guys but I totally love a good day when I can go fly a kite, This totally awesome Kite is made by Cindy Lu of Gigglebox.  It is really simple and easy to fly, I figured it out and everyone knows im kinda spacey!  So Here I thinked what better thing to do but fly a kite at 3:00 am! So make sure you check out giggle box and  get this kite!!!

Okay the next awesome thing we have for today is shoes! What kid doesn't need another pair of shoes???? I found two pairs I wanna show you , first is the Halloween Wheelys! from Pixel Fusion, Where not only can you find awesometastic skate shoes, there is alot of things for sale there, a slurpee machine, and trophys for  all your contest needs, Pumpkins, and cool t shirts! *A very important side note on the Wheelys the ones pictured are the older vintage version there is a newer version also for sale there*I just like rockin old school stuff.  You have to check it yourself just dont take my word for it.  The other pair of shoes is Larnia Kids Bootiful shoes you can totally check em out at that link up there * points*
Okayyyyyyyy so now we are on to our look of the day Keeping with the dragging my family along with me I dragged mine Jayden along with me and the whole time I was thinkin I wonder what we can do for the LOTD now this stuff isn't on 50 L friday but I think your gonna love her look anyways!!! I know I do 
Jayden is Sporting this totally awesome chill look, for fall!
Hat/Hair - *ARGRACE* Military Cap Argrace
Mouthie:  S&B Cauldron Nom - Miniatures Sprinkles and Bingles
Hoodie:  Know Your Roots Hoodie Razzberry Inc
Jeans: BFF Peanut Butter Fit Ripped JeansRazzberry Inc
Sneakers: SOREAL Superstars Soreal

Once again guys this is just a little snippet of what awesomeness you guys can see while your shopping alla the totally cool deals.


  1. <3 We had a good time following you special <3
    We learned a lot from the experience...
    Such as, make sure Kaydia tags along so we could laugh AT her..and so I have good quotes!
    Kaydia on Ghosts
    "I hate it when they go Ohaoosooeorwoo"
    And of course, I learned how hard you work...your just like me when it comes to doing so many things at once, and that makes me even more proud of you, especially because your wonderful <3

  2. Love it! You are the bestest for doing the 50L Fridays bear! I luff yew!! Side Note~I do hate when they make those noises. >.>

  3. gweat post kenz! thankies for including us! *hugs* and lol @ you parents in da costumes!

  4. giggles awwes mommy I loved havin you come with and your right kaydia made it more fun jus cuz she says the cutest things :D ohh and mommy I learns from the best kaydia you rocks <3333 and Rory giggles they were rockin em sooo cute * gives a proud smirk*