Friday, October 29, 2010

Funtastic Awesomeness.. Or What?

 YoYo!!! So today is Friday all ready .. wow it totally flew by this week. Just a reminder if you wants me to blog your 50 L item make sure its up around midnight because thats when the crew goes shopping!!  This week we have some really cool stuff that you totally need to check outs. Some Halloweeny stuff some not so lets get started. I have a few things that rocked this week !* special side note I totally got my friends to model for me in most of these pictures, lucky joys of being my friend*  First off some really cute shoes from Larnia Kids, who doesn't loveee Hephalumps, and with these awesometastic shoes you can show it off. 
Next up we have an awesome fort made by Abby at SassafrasYou totally need this its an got to have item with alot of poses and good places to hide you and your friends can have a lot of fun and war games with this fort
Now I knowww we all need a sugar rush so lets start off with these totally cute trick or treat pillowcases Go trick or treat in style with these pillow cases coming in different colors, and when your done you can toss it over your shoulder and carry your loot home ! Normally these pillow cases are made by Pixel Fusion but this week only you can find them here at AMAME . While your there check out this next totally awesome and I must say my favorite thing in the whole world COOKIES!!! who doesn't love cookies??? I mean really , and this totally cute cookie jar gives you a cookie any time you need it. This cookie jar gives you Sesame Street cookies.
And Now the LOTD I was totally tired after shopping all night and had to close with this comfy LOTD  The Hair Im waring is the cute new pigtails from
 Truth and we are wearing the super cute comfy jammies from CCC. Warm up on the fall night with these cuteness jammies called Jennah! So adorable right?
Some other awesomeness to mention but I don't have pictured is we all know that Satuday night is the night to play pranks.. so check out  the Toilet Paper Prank kit from Whimzie. Don't forget to send your friends a Halloween greeting card with your family picture you can find that at Gigglebox. You can also get an awesome playground set, that color changes at Zoe's Kreationz.  Sorry I couldn't picture them all but its really late or early and I need to get going . Check out alla the awesometastic funess we have for you today and Shop Shop Shop!!


  1. I can´t find halloween pillowcase in AMAME

  2. they are right as you walk in , next to the cookie jar or here lands you right in fronta them :D

  3. Awesome post Kenzie <333 I love your Friday blogs posts :)

  4. I ran to get the cookie monster thing for sure!!!