Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sounds of candy wrappers being opened... ahhh what a beautiful sound!

Yikes! I got caught! But But... I didn't do it!!! I dunno who did!!! I didn't leave this mess of empty candy wrappers.... We've been ROBBED!!! *gasp* Looking at all these empty candy wrappers, I'm becoming to realize I might end up with a belly ache soon, oh wait I didn't do it that's right. No proof!

 This awesome Tricks or Treats Mischief set from LacieCakes,
yeah it just speaks Lowi with the word mischief in it.
Then really who doesn't love the Flintstones??? This awesome Pebbles costume is from Babydolls Boutique. If you were one of the lucky ones, you picked it up last Friday for only 50L but its located up stairs, in her giant store!
I went shopping on Second Life Marketplace and wouldn't believe what I found for so cheap! Cheap as in ... FREE!!!
The awesome gothic girl dress is called cute loli dollie crinoline dress.
Then I found this great look made by Curious Kitties - Autumn Spirit Azil.
Hair from lamb - Say (not free)
League - Shin Boots (not free)

Frankenstein Freebie, great for boys, from Reek

Cpt. Aiyden Hook showing off that you don't need to just find kid costumes. Aiyden found this awesome Cpt. Hook costume from A Copper Fer Yer Fancy and made it fit a kid size.

Meet the 2 awesome designers behind Larnia Kids, Rory and Heath. They've brought so many costumes this year to you all. I wanted to get them in a picture together. They're rockin out the cute costume called Gothic Rag Doll. This is great for brother/sisters or best friends!
Wonders if Halloween post are getting boring??? Just gotta show all those amazing options out there. I hope to add at least 1 more boy costume. I just didn't get a chance this week to do my blog prep. Oops... <3 hugs you all!


  1. YAY! Nice find on the frankenstein avi!