Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who needs April Fool's Day just for jokes???

I loooove April Fool's Day but I don't really think I can wait until April to play some more jokes. I seem to get into mischief though almost everyday. But the thing is, you gotta be SLY about it all. See, when you decide to do those mischief things around the house, you have to get yourself a backup plan. Whats going to be the "excuse" or "reason" for these things happening? Plan ahead and always have a plan B! Usually that's easy if you have siblings!

Rut Roh! We have a problem Marmaduke!!! I Uhh, just got this "puppy" from Zooby's, about 2 weeks ago and I don't really think he's fully house trained!!! *thinks fast... needs a plan* Wait... no see I have an excuse on how I can get out of this mess! Marmaduke is guarding our house. So he set up some booby traps aka Pile o' Fresh Poo - from Whimzie When the bad person tried to come in and rob the place, they stepped in a big pile of the poo. Then left their footprints for the cops to be able to trace them down. See!!! So my dog is a good dog and won't have to sleep outside... it sure does smell though!!! YUCK!

What goes with poo??? Toilet paper!!! Yay lets move to the Toilet Paper Prank Kit from Whimzie as well. This was not my doing. I'd like to give credits to Kaden and Kaydia. This is Keirsten's room and well... you can see that its been tpd for sure. Comes with great floor tp texture and resizable swirly ones, great for bed post! Not only did they get this room in the house but a week before, I got Ms. Nevy and Mr. Cree's room!

Ms. Nevy had her class come to her house on the last day of school and we had free time. Well... free time, Lowi, able to rez = mischief time!!! I sadly had picked up most of it but its still funny to see. My excuse/reason for this was, I was trying to celebrate my favorite teacher and "decorated" her room. I didn't have any streamers with me and found some of the toilet paper in her bathroom. So I figure this would work... sadly, it didn't! Thanks to Ms. Nevy rattin me out to my parents, I got in BIG trouble! I had to pick up my Hobbes and any of my animals. (so sad!) I tried to get out of it though but... batting my eye lashes this time sadly did not work.

Who doesn't love playing in a pit full of balls? With this fun 100 Magic Balls - from Giggle[box] all you have to do is click the box and out comes a bunch of balls. Its a great way to make a mess instanstly! Then run around moving the balls around. If you don't want to get caught, all you have to do is click the box again and select "clean up" and poof!!! The balls are all gone... while you stand there innocent with a halo over your head! *beams*

Its Art time!!! Being on the 2 week break from school, I really miss doing artistic things. So I seen this family tree in my house and I thought it needed some colorful grass. But I uhh accidently painted on one of the pictures. I love my paint brush and bucket from RC Cluster. I mean how can I get in trouble for this? Making our family tree prettier? Who doesn't love colorful grass? With all those questions asked, I think I'm safe with my parents on this one when they see it and don't need an escape route!

Last but not least a fun little joke to play on people. I found this "Fool's Stool" from oO[OO]Oo and thought my Dad was the perfect target. I told I had made a stool and to see if the animation worked. Well you sit on it and instanstly the top comes off and they fall inside it!

Well hope you got some ideas of what you can do to trick your family or friends. I hope you all have a great week! I'd love to hear your favorite pranks! These are just a "few" of mine. My parents are going to start to blame me for their grey hair. Shhh I think they already have it though but just dye it.

Outfit in pictures: Annie from Hopskotch

Shoutout: ... uhh... uhh... *thinks hard*... well I guess its for all those pranksters out there! Keep up the awesome work!!!


  1. Eeee! I love this! I have got to go prank shoppin now!