Friday, December 3, 2010

Livin Life on the wild side of Winter ~

YoYo! So today we are mixing it up tonite a little and doin stufff on the wild side, as promised Aiyden Is gonna wear a pink dress and we found the best one I promise even If I have to edit it later he will be  here in a bright pink dress. So look forward to that. It's gonna be a kinda shorter post because I'm sure your all sick of hearing from me :D Anywayssssssssss this weeks randomness is great! So I dragged mine crew around again, and then had them help me with pictures and stuff because  I suckkk at them .. So thanks to Kaydia who totally helped,  and thanks to mine crew who comes round wif me every week, Jayden, Kaity, and Kaylee, Kaydia, all help in some sorta way  So just let them know they rock if you see em rounds sometimes. Okayyyyyyy On to  Livin on the wild side of winter The first pic we have is the outfits fromInner Peace These two outfits are called Aiyden and Jill, and yep they rock, aiyden is a cute dress and Jill is a sweater n jeans set  that are totally adorable! and mine modes is cute too dont ya think * just dont tell Kaydia it will totally go to her head*  and we really don't want that. 

This next Item is the cute adorable little sleigh that you can carry round with you , Its made by Emma Burks, at Twiple Twouble,, and you should so go n grab it!
* points down below me This is from Sprinkles n Bingles these totally cute mouthies give you and your friends a chance to get candyyyyyyy!  and who can pass up candy but you  can totally have these adorable stockings hanging from your mouth!

The next things we have here is the totally awesometasticness from  Larnia Kids, as you can see Kaydia is sporting the fit called Grace and Kaylee is waring the jammies set! Both are totally adorable and  I dunno what they are doing but I think if Kaydia isn't careful shes gonna drop her what do you think?

Okay so I totally bribed mine godmommy to come on n  model, and shes sucha good sport she did it! This pose is from Glitterati Family   Its really cute and awesome, holding two kids, I know that  alot of us like poses with more then one !
This dress Im wearing will totally be cute for any family party or just to hang out in and it comes from Absoulte Girls I am playing on the  totally cute play rug from Sassafras Its soo cute but remember to clean up your toys! Because I forgot and mine godmommy stepped on them but that was funny!

Here it is the Picture Your all waiting for Aiyden ina dress WOOOOT make sure you tease him alot.. naw jus kidding he was a great sport for doin this! This cute pink dress is from Rainy day kids, and comes with the adorable  panda plushie  * TTFN*

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  1. wow Kenzie you rock! Two blog posts in less than 12 hours! And your posts are always such fun to read <33