Friday, December 10, 2010

Dashing Through 50 L Friday...

Howdy guys! Today  Im gonna try to make it short and sweet and prolly picture heavy because it always ends up that way anyways right??? I know you wanna know all the exciting stuff we found for you today so Im jus gonna get right into it ~ First up we have a really coool christmas wagon from Sprinkles and Bingles this wagon is adorable has a kid size tree perfect for your room!  and a book so make sure you click the stuff in the wagon to get it! Its a must have! The outfits Kaylee is wearing is an adorable dress from Little Wishes all in christmas colors with santa on the front! and a candy cane mouthie Adorabbble  , The dress on me *points to the right* Is from QT and in case your wondering its right across from Jumpin Jacks, It is a very cute adorable sweater dress, and it comes in four colors.
Next up we have an adorable pose from Sweet Moments called the Snowman is done! The pose is adorable and comes with the broom n bucket.  The outfits in here came from Baby Couture called Santas Girl and the shirt says Santa <3 me ! and Little wishes again!  
*Points over to the left*  The drum that is so cute and actually looks like your playing it comes from Jumping Jacks and is way awesome. The Stuffed stocking Kaylee is holding comes from Rarw Muffins The dress im waring is a cute dress for your family parties made by Triple Twouble cant go wrong on cuteness wearing this. Now these two awesometastic fits come from Dream Doll and Hopskotch Hopskotch is back in business peeps and has adorable clothes so make sure you check em out ,
These two outfits here come from InnerPeace and is a cute pants outfit named amaya and the dress is Tess totally cute, and worth having for alla those cool parties and hangin out playin in the snow.
Now last but not least the outfits from Larnia Kids These two outfits are really adorable, one dress, and one skirt im sure you can find any reason to wear these outfits, Thats alla the cuteness and randomness we have today make sure you check in everyfriday because we will be here with your guide to shopping. <333

****Don't forget the Scribble me a christmas hunt coming soon ****

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