Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What a stupid lamb...

Hey! Happy Tuesday, sorry this is late today, I got a bunch of stuff going on! This is gonna be a quick post but I have a new hair place for you today!

Tosay's place is Head Mistress. I found this place a while ago, and I can't remember how I found it either but the hairs are CUTE! It's a new place and the variety is small but I'm hoping it slowly grows because the hair here is totally cute! I have my three favourite's above.

In the Mood- The first this the pony tail on the far right is called In the Mood.  This is more of a photoshoot hair, it's in your face but still cute at the same time. I love the hair textures being use in all of these hairs actually.

Love Vandal- The middle one which can be a photo one too, but is still cute when worn around is called Love Vandal! it's long and simple and just falls to one side. It's super pretty!

End of Summer-The last one which is my favourite is called End of Summer. I love the poinytail and the gentle waves. It's a great kids hair and you can wear it to school or out!


Today's LOTD is simple but adorable. It's getting cold and even though I ADORE the holidays, I love warmth and summer! This outfit is from CCC called Aiyden in Purple. It's pretty and can be a dress or a capri outfit like I'm wearing here. It also comes in multiple colours! So there is something for everyone! I'm also wearing a a set of eyes from Exodi, they're cute and awesome and kid friendly!

That's it! Hope you check out the cute store and stay tuned!

*hugs and kisses*

Riley Sapphire.

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