Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Fall Everywhere...

So yesterday I was doing photos with my absolutely fantastical family... and my sister had this really cool fall swing and tree with a little blanket with poses and I was like DUDE. WHERE DID U GET THIS. And apparently, it was the newest release from Sassafras... so of course, it's become... part of today's post! :) Below you'll see theres three different parts that you can sit on and cuddle with your family!

The Tire Swing... which me and Vivian are hanging out on.

The Fall Swing, which my mama, sissy and I are relaxing on.

And the blanket which is STREWWNNN with pillows. It's so much fun and it's so cute!

If you are looking for a great prop for family photos or just family time, this set from Sassafras is awesome!

Also, Katey of Glitterati made this totally awesome pillows. And I know pillows were blogged already once this week, but these pillows have 10 poses in them and you can sit with MULTIPLE PEOPLE! Now, of course if you are on certain poses, you are totally sitting on eachother... but that's okay. :) Our final pic for the day is my whole immediate family, chilling on two of the Glitterati pillows. SO PERFECT for movies, hanging out and PHOTOS! Join my next Monday for more!