Friday, December 17, 2010

A Little bit of Everything

Heyyyy Everyone I hope you had the most awesome week if it was like mine its been onna them completely weird weeks where you dunno what way your turning .. Anyways shopping always makes me feel better so, Im pretty glad today was 50 L Friday, and I have two of the Scribble hunt items for you too! The list wasn't out when I did the pics for this week, so we are goin offa memory and what we could find while we were looking! Its gonna be  a quick blog I think
The first two things we found were books from Sprinkle and Bingles  they have an awesome set of christmas books out! What is better then a story by the fire curled up in your pajamas from Baby Couture, She had three pairs of really cute pjs there make sure you grab em.
These adorable outfits come with earmuffs, scarfs, mittens shoes, and pretty much everything you see listed are from Little Wishes, They are great winter fits and awesometastic.
The next items come from Larnia Kids The adorable play outfit and dress are really cute and great for any level, as always there are boys items there too except  I didn't have a boy to model this early in the morning !
*points * I dunno if you know about this store but every week she does a pose for 50 L. This store is called Posey and that pose is called buddy pose, it has room for three. Now pay attention to the blue tights im wearing those come from AMAME also from them check out these cool bows called What Bows? Points below

This cute snowman comes from Rawr Muffinz and has two in it so you can give one to your best friend and have one for yourself.  That's all for the Fifty Linden stuff today but there are some other cute stuff out there I just didnt get pics of. When your done shopping don't forget to do the Scribble me a Christmas Hunt... These two items can be found on the hunt ... This candy cane from Lacie Cakes, has an awesome clickable menu and comes with with candy cane drool!  The crayons are cute and from BabyCouture Munchkins  so hit that for sure the crayons are for you and your friends, but I just grabbed em really fast to show you two of the awesometastic stuff you can get on the hunt.