Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And now a special announcement from...

HAI GUYS! Happy Wednesday! Usually Kaydia blogs today, but I'm taking over as a guest blogger! I'm Kaden Jules, Kaydia's hubsand, cookie extraordinaire, Ph.D. At the stroke of midnight, I sprinted for the first glimpse of the Video Game Xtravaganza Hunt, so that I, Kaden Jules, would give you the first and very best coverage of such an awesome hunt. I trekked through the grueling mountains of thousands of stores, fought the lag monster! and saved the princess only for her to steal my cookies away and get caught by evil again! No, not really. I just woke up the morning of the hunt, ate my cookie crisps and strolled through the hunt.

But still! I bring you.. *drum rolls for myself* THE VIDEO GAME XTRAVAGANZA HUNT! I've sifted through all the hunt items and collected the ones I wanted to present you all pictures of. There were a lot of neat items, I just couldn't possibly take so many pictures and cover them all - so here are a select few that I wanted to share with you all. Enjoy!

I'm wearin' Katia Soma 4 Kids Mortal Combat outfit, posing on BelDimi Gestures Mario Photo Booth (kid size) with <(wonderkids)! atari decals stuck on it. The outfit is a lil' on the dark side for me 'cause I usually wear bright colors, but this outfit is pretty cool with its hoodie, belt, and baggie pants. It comes with neko ears, paws, and tail too, but they're not pictured here. The pose booth has three poses (the one on the mushroom is girly so I didn't sit on it) an offers a 'lil fun environment to take your own pictures with friends.

Next, I'm posin on FlufferNutterz's Pacman Lounger, sportin' Sonic Death Monkey's Wii controller tee. The Pacman Lounger has three poses too and would look fun in your room whenever you wanna jus' chill. The tee has nice texturin' and the sleeves are long 'nough for the boys to wear without discomfort.

AWESOME! This neat pose from Splash Out is called Jolty Joystick pose. This is definitely one of those fun poses you and your friends will want to take on your own. Three possible pose positions for electrifyin' fun. I'm wearin' this awesome dress shirt and tie from Vextra Fashion. It needed a lil' adjusting but it looks really nice for those shirt and tie events when visitin your gma or gpa for the holidays.

*Takes a deep breaf* You ready?! This one is gonna be a long one 'cause it's pacted with awesomeness! In section 1, I'm wearin' Carrasco's pacman tshirt (sleeves were a lil' short for my taste so I'm wearin' a white under tee), with Nik-kos ghosty shoulder pet, and Kibas lil Gamer Belt (my pants are not from the hunt though). And I'm standin' by enLightened's cute red mushroom light. I'd probably but that in my room as a night light! In section 2, I'm wearin' *bellies* Mario 3 Mushrooms and I'm floatin' on this wicked cool Mario Bros poofy star from Les Sucreries de Fairy. The star has a cute pose in it and you can float anywhere with it! Tres cute! In section 3, I'm wearin' the entire Lil Gamer outfit from Kibas with the shirt, belt, and pants while sittin' on RFK's Pacman chair. There are two possible sits in this chair and it's a fun lil' addition to your room! In section 4, I'm playin my super duper cool classic tetris game on Larnia Kids gameboy on their neat video game rug. The rug is equipped with the video game playing pose already so you can look cute and play video games in your room at the same time!

This one is a huge one! See me in the middle star?! Ya, I'm tiny compared to this humungo jumbo mushroom grove! You can get this snazzy magical grove from Shop Irrisistable. There are a bunch of poses on it, so if you got a huge backyard, set this out and take a bunch of piccies with your friends!

More awesomeness! This hunt has a lot of neat gifts! I'm playin' a bunch of old school games in my own cardboard box arcade from Heap. Awesome displays, great games and poses too. Next to the arcade, I'm shootin' Fire GOOD's video game launcher. It shoots out chunks of tetris blocks with cute poofing effects. I'm also wearin .:[AMAME]:. Kids Space Invader backpack that lights up different colors wherever I go!

Now, I'm sure you all know how my wifey gets so overly excited 'bout things. But she really gets goin' when she's playin' video games! This pose set is provided by wootles! and it’s called Into the game! It comes with the texture changing tv set, two copyable seats with poses, and two nintendo controllers. It's very cute, 'specially when mine wifey is wearin' the pacman shirt from Icarus.

*Pants* Finallies! The last piccy I'm gonna show you! I'm drivin' my wifey in my pimpin' new mario kart from Darkfold Designs (it sits two people!). We're wearing the very cute mario and luigi shirts from [aRAWRa] that fit snuggly for any avi! I’m wearin' the mario one 'cause I'm the boss!

GAME OVER! WINNER! This hunt is definitely worth checking out when you have the time. There are lots of lil' gems in the rough that can be for anyone regardless of who you are and what your tastes may be. All the gifts were supposed to be unisex or the creators were to make separate gifts for both the boys and girls so the hunt could be enjoyed by everyone! Hope you all liked seeing what is out there. I hope I haven't overloaded you all with these great gifts! Have fun and enjoy! Thanks for having me!

Vital info: Video Game Xtravaganza Hunt
Starting point: VGX #1 Beldimi Designs - Gestures
You will be looking for a Nintendo NES controller



  1. Omg what a fun post! Kaden you make an awesome Cosmic scribbler girlie.. for a boy that is! Hi5

  2. Thankies! :D I'm happy I got to do a lil feature on the hunt!