Friday, October 22, 2010

Snips N Snails, Sugar N Spice ...

Heyyyy Everyone happy Friday! Todays 50 L list is full of spectacular awesomeness, and totally complete randomness which is really what I like.. A variety of all sorts of things.  This week however I figured we need to include the boys so this  week we are talkin snails, and sugar, or boys and girls !  After a  long night of shopping, we settled down to read some books from  Sprinkles n Bingles They have three brand new books, all about Halloween, including The great pumpkin Charlie Brown , Say Boo, and Spookly the square pumpkin, great reading material there
Our next adventure of  complete randomness takes us to the boys .. I know girls but we gotta include them sometime right.. We have two  outfits today the first one in green is called Trouble and its from Rainy Day Kidz  It comes with shoes, jeans, shirt, and under shirt a total boy fashion . The second outfit comes from Larnia Kids, It is called TGIF  and I think its really cute for a boy fit, don't take my word though check it out yourself.  I hadda bribe Kaylee  with lotsa stuff to get her to wear boys fits for me but she is rockin it don't ya think?
Next girls is for you we have two totally awesome plushies, Now everyone that knows me knows im not exactly a girly girl,  and so this skull plushy from Rainy Day Kidz  totally fit me. Kaylee is holding  a totally cute talking bear from RawrMuffins Great plushies there, for your snuggling needs
Next we have some totally cute jammies from dreamdoll They are black and orange with cute slippers and a ghost on the front perfect for those cool fall nights heading up to Halloween and  so cute!  The poses for the jammie picture and the one up there for reading came from Lovely Smiles  They were both 50 L so make sure you pick them up too!
Now our last stop and prolly the best one is totally about CANDY ... Shh don't tell your parents because these trick or treat buckets are totally cute and give out an awesome selection of candy.. thats right sugar rush central is here and you can blame AMAME they are the creators  of these cool  buckets.
Last but not least the LOTD: I was in a casual mood and you can be too by following this LOTD. The shirt and shoes come from AMAME, and the jeans are those from that Larnia Kids boys fit up there * points* you can grab the landmark to both of those stores up there *points again* The hair is new from truth called Robyn and the necklace is from gigglebox its her best friends necklace on sale today for 50 L  Everything Im wearing came from or is a 50 L item  excpet the hair of course..  And that's all we have time for today don't forget to check out the awesome items in all the stores!


  1. <33 Great Job Special, Love you lots <33

  2. Yay! Awesome blog Bestie! Thanks for mentioning us! <3 you wingly.