Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Great Giving Hunt!

Ohai! I hope everyone had an awesome holiday!   I am just sneaking in to give you a look into "The Giving Hunt" brought to us by Amame. If your like me , I totally slacked it and didn't get around to it until tonight! Be quick it ends tomorrow though so I am just gonna give a quick glimpse into some of the things you can get. First of there is awesome poses from, Sweet Moments, CCC, Glitterati Family, Just Kidding, and I probably forgot one but yah you can get awesome poses from those stores. I couldn't get pics of those but just take my word they are awesome sauce! The next cool items I wanna show is the Cow Chair from Sassafras and the outfit im wearin  sittin on that is from KickROCKS! It comes with the hat an vest!
The next stuff to show you is totally awesome from a few stores  The pumpkin shooter gun is from BoysRus but  I really think girls can use it too, The bear is adorable and from Amame the outfit is Candii Kitten and the corn in the ears mine all time favorite comes from Razzberry Inc.  The Indian head dress is from Wonder Kids. I think i named everything in the picture but if I didn't jus forgive me!
Points Over there -----> This picture has  some really cool items, the headband is from Belliez, the Indian playset ( with arrows that really shoot ) is from Ana Mations, and the scarf is from Lil Punkz the mouthie is the chickenham from Cutebytes, The Shirt is I love pumpkin pie from Baby Couture. Takes a deep breath I know this is alot of information in one little bit but Its so worth doin this hunt. You can find adorable blankies to cuddle from Whimzie.  I didn't grab a picture of them either but its an adorable snuggly blanky. 
Now over here<----------- There is a couple things in this picture I did this kinda late so I hadda improvise on the pics, but The pose and the jersey are part of the Larnia kids Waiting for dinner family pose! This adorable football pose is great quality time so make sure you check em out. The fairy mouthie is from Epic. You can also find adorable mouthies at Mouthiiz and Lacie Cakes :DNow who doesnt need a good holiday table for the family get togethers, This table seats six and has cuteness animations is from Tiny Spaces you can also get a cute Family dinner Pose table from  Jillybean! Two gotta have items from this hunt.
This cute jumper is from InnerPeace and the Dreamcatcher is from DreamDoll, *points below *
This Frame is from Gigglebox and is so cute a picture changing frame adds awesomeness to any room. This is jus some of the coolness you can find by doing this hunt so don't waste anymore time Head out there n start hunting.. Oh and if you need clues and hints check out this Giving Hunt Hints.

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