Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Restless hearts sleep alone tonight...

So I was sitting around a few days ago, trying to come up with a good blog, something different!

So I thought. I usually do hair or JUST LOTD or on the odd occasion skin. So I contemplated... what doesn't get blogged much?! Then it came to me......!! Boys stuff! I know a few guys who always compalin that there is very little for them to wear in sl. For every boy shop, there are like 20 girl shops! Plus we never really blog where to get good boy stuff. So I grabbed a really good friend of mine, Drake and took him on an hour long spree and got his avatar 'did'! (Because I was NOT dressing up like a boy for you. No matter HOW much I love you all... It ain't happening.) DON'T worry girls. I have a CRAZY CUTE LOTD for you as well!! You'll WANT to see it....

Outfit: Larnia- Hoops

So I had done a cry for help Plurk, asking where to get good boys skins. Zanzo was the one that caught my eye when I was checking them all out. I TP'd poor Drake in, made him try on a chunk of skins and grabbed him a new shape. The Shape Drake has on is from the Chibi collection and for the skin he is wearing Narcissus- ATHENS w/ freckles. After that we headed of to Truth to find him a great hair! Not all of hairs at Truth are 'kid boy' friendly, but MOST are. After considering a chunk of hairs I picked out Jason in Brown! It's great and is just the right amount of messy! (Boys another place to look for skins is Curio. Yes its for girls, but some of the neutral skins are good for boys too!)

After the hair and skin and shape, we hit up two clothing stores! Larnia and Candii Kitten for boys! I picked out the Hoops outfit and Hoodie fun! Both are great outfits for boys from Larnia and new, so they're perfect for the fall weather!

Outfit: Larnia- Hoodie fun!

Last but not least as we were doing pictures, I dragged Drake down to Zosma and ran into Candii Kitten Boys! I picked out the Kaden outfit, which I REALLY liked on him. It's a great outfit! Check it out!

Outfit: Candii Kitten Boys- Kaden

And there you have it! Boys avatars according to Riley!

Now girls I promised you a great LOTD! Well the Halloween Hunt of Autism began yesterday! The way it works, is your start at a Start Location and donate 50L for the bag. You NEED that bag to do that hunt, then you go around alllll the stores and collect some really awesome things! There are some great items and one of the ones I was excited for was the one from Babydoll's Boutique! You'll love it! It's SO SO cute and it's awesome and comfy looking and just a great outfit! I ran into Marienne while I was at the store with sissy and she was really awesome to agree to pose in the outfit with me for you guys! If you love this outfit as much as I do, keep your eyes peeled for a crazy anticipated release from the store! Check it out The Vampires Suck outfit below!

Extras in Marienne:
+LALA Moon+ Ragdoll

Extras on Riley:
Maitreya Malou - Chocolate

I hope you enjoyed today insanity of a post!! Boys I hope it helped slightly! Have a sweet and awesome day!

Stay true and be you!
    Riley Sapphire