Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Snowflake Experience

Hey There!  I 'm fillin in today for someone to bring you the Snowflake Experience.. And it was an awesome experience! It is the holiday season n what better way to help out then to donate to charities, this one benefits Toys for Tots. There are ten kid stores on this experience and like 50 adult stores, Im just covering the kid stuff though.  The Snowflake Experience opens on December 4th for and I suggest you check it out you get some totally awesometastic stuff... 

There is a hunt  as well as alot of excludive items that you can only get at the experience. So while your there look for a candy cane! It has some awesometastic prizes for the hunt. So lets look at some of the coolness you can get , while helping out a great cause! Points up to that picture there you see that you can get this really cute christmas chair set from *Wonder Kids* This has two chairs a plate of cookies, and awesome poses and the cutetastic outfit im wearing is from *InnerPeace* Its called Pengu and comes with a dress and pants option. 
This adorable hoody came from Razzberry Inc, and they have a ultimate choice of em I of course hadda pic the cookie one! They even have some for boys like batman n spongebob I couldn't picture them though but check em out anyways.
This snowman necklace came from kick rocks and it rocks! remember alla the proceeds go to help Toys for Tots so its worth it plus your gaining totally awesome inventory!  Nexttttttttttt we have this cute sack backpack from Cutebytes so you can carry your presents for people round.  you can also find the two  hunt items for them and its bear mittens and earmuffs totally cute
This ragdoll is from Aura's n its really cute, I think so and Im not really a kid that carrys a doll  but I like her and She makes a really good friend!

The last pic is from Larnia kids its the snow tagalong bear and I love it.... 100% of the proceeds go to help this charity so make sure you pick it up  This is just a short  bit of alla the wonderfulness you can find at the snowflake experience I really hope you check it out on the 4th !

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