Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Now, think of the happiest things. It's the same as having wings.

Good morning! Yes, yes, I know. You're thinking, "Gosh, where's Riley?" Well, Riley has a case of the hiccups, or the sneezies, or maybe it's the goosebumps. I'm not entirely sure but I do know that all three can be terribly contagious and so I've been asked to blog for the day. So here goes nothing! My name is Darla Domenici and I don't make clothes, or hair, or anything but a little furniture here and there. I don't own a store nor have I ever blogged before, but there is one thing I do and do well—I SHOP LIKE A MANIAC! I have a problem, a very big problem. That's something I'm sure you'll notice as you approach the end of this blog.

So, let me start off by saying that I decided I'd wear the most adorable jammies last night just so that I'd wake up well prepared to begin my blogging. They are called Kaylee and are green, and very Tinkerbelleish—she's my favorite 'cos my mommy calls me her Tinkerbelle —and looked so cute with my fairy wings. You can find these jammies at CCC. They are not a new release, so you can find them in the jammies room, but I will say that Chelsea also recently put out a pair of jammies named after Scribbles blogger Lishi, and those are super cute too! I wanted to blog them too but I figured I wouldn't overwhelm anybody with pictures. Imma' seem way vain as it is once I get to showing you all of my new hair!
Skin: Mynerva.
Hair: [e] Away - Blonde 02.
Jammies: CCC Kaylee PJs.
Wings: *Evie's Closet* - Tiny Lyric - Pistachio.
Anklets: *Evie's Closet* Tiny Ariel - White.
Tiara: Donna Flora CANDY tiara.
Earrings: *LC* E (KIDS) - Little Princess Set.

Now, as much as I can often be found in jammies all day long as my mommy asks me, "Hey stinky, are you planning on changing today?" I did change today and without her having to remind me! I rushed over to my mommy's dressing room, dug through my mess of an inventory, and picked out one of Babydoll's new releases. If you haven't been to Babydoll's Boutique yet then, wowzers, what are you waiting for? Seriously. Dolly outdid herself with a release of cozy, comfy, cute outfits as well as a pair of boots! Below I am wearing the AshleyRose in purplish.

Skin: Mynerva.
Hair: [e] Wish - Blonde 02.
Outfit: *BB* AshleyRose in purplish.
Earrings: *LC* E (KIDS) - Little Princess Set.

Now, I better hurry on up and get to what you guys are used to when Riley's here, right? Hair, hair, a buncha' hair! So does the name Elikapeka Tiramisu ring a bell to any of you? (Her name makes me want some tiramisu! My papa would be so proud of my tastebuds.) Oui, non? ETD was before my time, but Elikapeka's new hair store, Elikatira, sure ain't! A few weeks ago Elika teased us with two amazerous hair styles that I'm sure have already been blogged, but it wasn't 'til three days ago that she surprised everyone with the grand opening of her new store and a buncha' new hair! You can find Elikatira at the SL Marketplace which is a super cool way to avoid lag but just in case, here's your trike ride to the actual store. Also, if you take a look at the color packs of hair, Elika's done something uber awesome and that is the essentials collection hair color pack. For just 30L more than any of the other color packs you can buy the essentials pack! (Regular color packs are 220L, the essentials pack is 250L!) The essentials pack offers you a white, two blondes, two browns, two reds and a black. This is great if you like switching hair colors. But now, onto the six hairs I bought from her new release. I woulda' bought them all but my weekly allowance only goes so far!

Now, before I run off I want to tell you guys about my super sparkly sissy Katey's family poses sale at Glitterati Family. Yeah, you heard me right, A SALE! All poses are 100Ls or less! That's 50% or more on everything! In fact, you can find her Family Poses Selection Pack of ten poses for 500L at the SL Marketplace. This set is usually 1K, so it's 50% off too which is a fantabulous deal. Katey gave me the 411 on the sale and basically, Glitterati Family is being rebuilt and brought up to date! This means new poses, too. Not only that, but original Scribbler Abby McDonnagh of Sassafras is going to be selling her poses at Glitterati Family, too. Oh and by the way, feel free to message Abby and tell her to be a nice godsissy to me. She always gets me into trouble and I end up on time-out. Gah!

No, I am not done yet. I talk a lot, can ya' tell? Well anyway, I also want to mention Glitterati's pillows. Katey released these a few days ago but I had to blog them anyway 'cos, gosh, they are so comfy for napping and Imma' need a long one after this blog. These pillows come in a buncha' colors and awesome patterns, are sold in packs, as singles, or in a mega-fatpack for only 1K. I think the mega-fatpack has like 60 plus pillows, no lie! Also, the cool thing about these is that they sit multiple people on a single pillow! The menu for these pillows tells you the name of the avatar sitting on any given pose too, so if you're sitting on the pillow with a friend you can both swap through the poses that aren't being used by anyone else on the pillow. It's super neat! With that being said, every pose used in my blog post today can be found at Glitterati. Katey also recently released three new model packs of poses and those were used throughout this post.

Well, I feel kinda' outta' it now. It's nap time! I wonder if I can take a long enough nap that I sleep through lunch? My mommy's been making me eat carrots and gosh, I am not a fan! Cuddles, squishes, fairy dust and sparkles! Darla Domenici, over and out!


  1. Darla, this is soo adorable! I must go get some of that hair asap!!

  2. So so cute! *hiccups* <33 I LOVE this post it's AMAZING and adorable! *sneezes* Eeee I'm SO glad you blogged. AWESOME job! *hugs you tight* LOOOVE THE HAIIIR! Eeee <3


  3. Awesome blog post girly! I loved all of it!