Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby it's cold outside...

 Don't you just LOVE winter? There is something SO magical about the snow looking like sparkles and the mood everyone gets into with the music and the family and the togetherness. Some people blame Christmas, I'm sure it's a factor in it, but I think it's snow! Makes everyone wanna cuddle with the ones they love!

I've got some hairs for you today, but mostly I pulled out 3 of my favourite outfits to go along with them. Some are from last years Holidays and others from the past few weeks of releases. They're all SO cute and will definitely keep you warm during those cool days outside in the snow! Also there is a small announcement at the end, you'll WANT to see! <3

Right now this is probably my favourite hairs (I think I say that every blog entry...). It's very cute and very simple. It's from [elikatira] and called Seasons. However it can't be found at the store and won't be. It's exclusive to the 111 event, (last I saw there were still a few available and it is still going on). There are two different styles and they're just so cute and so gentle and really pretty! The outfit is from last year's Babydoll's Boutique release called *BB* Lanesia in blue. It's perfect for the Holidays and great when you're in the snow!

 This is another hair from the 111 event! It's by .lamb and soo cute. Of course I LOVE lamb hair so this one was a MUST to pick up when I went. It's called Clover and very different from what I've seen for hair. it's very gentle, very child friendly and super sweet! The outfit I have on is from Aura's and called Riley Sparkle Oufit! It's my favourite colour too, so total bonus there! It comes with everything you see here and a hat and some extra cute things! It's a definitely must have for this holiday season!

This last one I wanna show you is from Maitreya, I may have blogged it already, and I wanna focus on the outfit a little more, but it just went SO well with it the whole look! The hair is called Alex and I just love the waves and bangs, they're my favourite part. The outfit however is from Larnia kids. I'm a huge fan of purple and this comes in a bunch of other colours as well so it can be pretty diverse! It's called Keeping Warm and they're all great because you have the choice of a boot option or a cuff with the boots under option. It's very warm looking and AMAZING for the winter holidays. I just love it! Boys! Larnia has some GREAT options for boys this holiday season as well, definitely check them out!


That's right, this is possibly the first you've heard of it as well. We have gotten together and decided to give back a little and put together a hunt! We have hand picked 30 stores who have all agreed to come and take part in the Scribble me a Christmas Hunt! The Hunt will run from December 15th-31st, ONLY 2 weeks for the Christmas season. It will be covered by us as well! So keep your eyes peeled, packets have already been sent out, and creators are creating!

That is all. Remember to keep warm this seaosn, the cold front has hit (especially if you're at Little Wonders!) Remember to bundle up in nothing BUT the cutest and give all your friends and families BIG hugs!

Stay safe, Stay warm. xoxo,

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  1. <3 I love your posts. And I am also one of the lucky ones to have gotten the [e] Hair. I absolutely love it!