Friday, November 12, 2010

Up all night Making Friends with shadows on the wall..

Hiya Everyone! Happy Friday, Once again Im here just to give you a little taste on what awesomeness you can find at FLF~ And this week we have some totally neat things, It may be shorter then usual, and Im sorry but Its late and im losing my mind 0.o yanno how scary that is and can be sometimes !  So lets get started with this awesome tastic window seat from Amame This window seat has around 11 poses for you to sit in and different textures to make your window look like rain, nighttime, or even fall. You definatly need this addition to any room !  The Next place we are visiting is Just Kidding! For this Moon Pose , This pose has the stars and moon, along with four different poses to sit, I totally left the pose positions on there so you can see where!  Sail away to the stars with this pose! 

Lets land the rocket back from the stars , and check out the next pose we have for you! Who remembers that old childhood game of chinese jumprope??? I know I do and I love it this pose from Lovely Smiles will take you back to playing in the backyard!  Kaysha and Apples stopped by to play a little tonite , and we totally hadda try it.

The last pose of the day is brought to you by Small Poses presented by Larnia Kids what a cute adorable way to snuggle those that mean the most to you, Apples just happened to be around for me to snuggle with this morning on this pose called Treasured. Make sure you check it out!
On to some fun stuff first up we have an adorable  Lego set ,from Gigglebox that when you walk on it or someone like your parents walk on it it says Oww! Giselle happened to stop by when I was checkin it out and I caught her right in the middle of the  legos that look on her face tells it all, She is wearing her own 50 l outfit from Dream Doll called Asia a cute dress perfect fer any day.
The Next item is a really cute sleep over rug from FuNkAlIcIoUs I love this store she has the coolest stuff, and great mouthys, fun furniture, and candy candy candy So don't forget to stop by and check it out  She has juiceboxes too, Now who doesnt need that ... The bowl on the rug gives gummy bear mouthys and its jus a fun chillaxin rug ! 
The last item of the day is the super cute Holiday Shopping Cart, from Twiple Twouble  What better way to get into the holiday spirit but by going shopping!  We hadda stop alla our holiday rushing about to get a donut from this really cute bakery we found... *shh I know its totally five am though and we needed sugar* Anyways thats all the the totally cool adorableness I have for you today

 Oh waitt you didn't think I'd leave without a cute look of the day .. This look is brought to you by mostly fifty L stuff ..and is modeled by mine Jayden... She is wearing Larnia Kids ," Keeping Warm" outfit. Whimzie's awesome tastic "Chilly nose and Cheeks Tatoos" And Funkalicious" Ring Poppers ring" Doesn't she look totally adorable, you can totally have that look by hittin this weeks awesome FLF!!!


  1. ok where did those shopping carts cme from?? hahaaaa wants... awesome job Kenzie <3

  2. ooooh that sooo cute... Lowi Twiple trouble has it... it totally cute :D
    and thanks for letting me play with you kenzie

  3. Oot! Luff the blog mine kenziebear. this was an awesome blog... the shopping carts are adooooorables! mwah!

  4. Kenzie, what a super cute post!! Way to go!!