Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Special: Photo Contest!

Hi, everyone! :)
It's Sunday so that means there are no scheduled scribbles, but I wanted to let you all know about a photo contest going on. Bella Caeran, the designer behind the children's store Sassy Smiles, is looking for your cutest photos wearing (or sitting on!) Sassy Smiles merchandise. The rules - directly from Bella - are behind the cut!

RULES (taken directly from the contest notecard):

You will wear at least ONE Sassy Smiles item...Clothes, mouthies, or laying down on furniture...Here's the rules...

-To take a photo wearing a Mouthie or any other accessories, you must do a HEADSHOT of your avatar, showing the full mouthie or accessorie

-To take a photo wearing an outfit from Sassy Smiles, you must do a FULL BODY SHOT showing the FULL outfit!

-To take a photo for furniture, you must take a picture showing your avatar sitting on a bed, or playing with a picture frame...

Notecard the following information and drop it on Bella Caeran.

Avatar's Name: 

What are you wearing/using in your photo?:

How many Sassy Smiles items are there?:



Winners will recieve a special store discount on 5 items, and of course, their picture up on Sassy Smiles!!!!

Sassy Smiles has its main store here, and also has a satellite shop on the Jubilee sim, here.

The deadline is open-ended, but don't wait too long! :) Good luck!

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