Thursday, March 11, 2010

All things Glitter & Sparkles

Happy Thursday Everyone!! 
Say cheeese :D *clicks her camera*

This week i have been photo crazy; doing new profile pictures for myself, entering photo contests, and doing new pictures with my friends and family!

Sadly kids and family poses, that are made specifically for child avs, are very limited...but there is one place i will always head to for awesome poses...the amazing Glitterati. The lovely Miss Katey Coppola, last week revamped her whole family pose store and released a bunch of new poses.

I was lucky enough to be able to pose for some of her vendor ads too, So today i will be showing you all her cute new poses along with my LOTD that i wore during the photoshoot...
(Warning: After the cut there are ALOT of pictures!)  

Miss Katey makes fantastic family and friends poses, and her latest release featured some of the cutest ones i have seen from her! Firstly lets take a look at her family poses. 
Afternoon Walk, Bedtime and Stick together poses are perfect for posing with mommy and daddy, gramps and grandma or anyone you like! I think they make the cutest pictures for family portraits. The poseballs are all easily modified to fit all different avatar shapes and sizes too!

Each pose is super cute and will fit perfectly into any scene, like the picnic and bedtime scenes shown in the pictures! I can't wait to make my family pose with me!

Aswell as the  fantastic family poses, Miss Katey has also made some super lovely mommy and daughter poses. They just scream love <3 to me and the poses are full of emotion. I can just imagine snuggling up with my mommy!

 From left to Right --> Glitterati- Butterfly; Glitterati- Sitting With Mommy

Then we have the newest friends poses :)

From left to Right---> Glitterati- Linked together; Glitterati- My Other Half; Glitterati- Peace; Glitterati- Sitting Pretty

My Personal favourite is the ‘I won’t let go’ pose above… and not just because I got to pose with my bestie Jamie in the picture! It’s such a cute loving pose too and can fit easily into a lot of different backgrounds. But, if like me you like to be silly you can also use these poses in silly ways, like I did while posing with Jane. *giggles*

Big hugs to Miss Katey for letting my use her pictures to show off her poses too. She's not only an awesome poser but is also fab at pictures and a generally *sparkly* person…my pictures could not have shown her poses off that good!

Miss Katey is also busy planning Pose Fair 2010 along with Miss Shana and I cannot wait!!! 

I get so excited for hair fair and accessory fair and finally we have a Pose Fair! The Pose Fair is being run to support the charity Motivation; which helps help disabled people throughout the world in low income countries. More information about the charity can be found here!
Keep reading for more information on the Pose Fair as i get to hear about it! :D

Now...onto my quick LOTD. You may have noticed my cute outfit in the Glitterati Pictures... I love it and if i don't know what to wear its the first thing i will put on! Its just so comfy and i love running around the grid in it, and it suits my non girly-girl moments perfectly!

HAIR    TRUTH Justine - mirage
SKIN   Curio  :GP: Sundust Frex [Light] Cupid-Pure 1 
BANDAIDS   Reek - Bandaids - Autumn PlaidReek
GLASSES  Gritty Kitty: Prehistoric Glasses
NAILS  [ Scoop ] Frenchy Nails (rainbow sorbet)-
OVERALLS +KiiToS!! lentotahti+ Stripe salopette *Indigo Blue*
TOP   fri. - Crewneck Tee (White) 
SHOES   UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

Phew! Now that i'm done telling you all about glitterati i can get back to taking more pictures :P 
*waves* See you all next week & don't forget to check back to hear from my asweome fellow Scribblers!