Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hair, Jewelry and LOTD. Oh My!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Riley here bringing you hair and accessory fashion, every Tuesday; so don’t forget to tune in!

Now to start, I’m sure most of you know, but the accessory fair is going on right now, it started the other day (I dragged Jane, Abby and my sissy along through the lag). It’s soo cute, so I am going to introduce you to a few of the items that they have there, as well as a few around the kids world (and of course a hair style)!

First, I’m going to talk about the hair. Now if you are a hair fanatic like I am, then you WAIIITT for Truth’s release with baited breath. This past week, Truth released 3 women’s hair styles and one men’s. This one is one of my faves from the release. It’s called the Akira! It’s cool because its kid friendly, which is a bonus, and it’s not really a ponytail but it’s ponytail-ish as you can see. It sits on your right shoulder and is completed with two simple but well placed bobby-pins. I love to have little accessories in my hair in RL and SL, so this hair is great! Plus it frames the face soo nicely. Now if you’re a kid, you may need to resize it just slightly, but don’t fret, it mod’s perfectly!

Now onto the accessories, starting at the top! The sunglasses, I love, nay adore these oversized glasses. Mostly, because they’re colour change but in the best way. You can colour change each piece, the rims can be different colours, and the nose and the arms, so you could potentially be rockin’, 5 different colours, on your shades at the same time. I hunted them down at the accessory fair and they are by OMFG! Super cute right? Now for the mouthie, which I found at the accessory fair as well, its uber cute. It’s a little leaf with two awesomely crafted lady bugs on it. It’s by ~TIK TOK~ and it’s called Petal Ladybugs in love!

Next, for my last accessory fair purchase here, the necklace by SiSSi. It’s sort of a cute play, double layered, necklace for all little girls. Kinda like something you stole out of mommy’s jewellery box! But it’s sooo sweet. I love bows and the little blue bow on it is just too cute and perfect. The beading on it is lovely, and it comes in multiple colours too! So you can mix and match with outfits.

Onto the lower half! On my right wrist, I have a super cute bracelet that I am always wearing. It’s from Gigglebox and called -G[b]R- Double Bracelets. The one I am wearing is specifically a Celebration one, with sissy and my name on it. It’s great too because you can put little pictures on it! I love it, and they come in different styles and sayings too. You haveee to go see them! Continuing onto my right finger, I have a letter mood ring from Kewt Kids. Of course it’s the letter R for my name, BUT you can also get the letter of your Besties name too! Which would be equally as awesome! Now on my left wrist, I have the Melancholy Bracelet from Violet Voltaire. I bought it a while ago but I love it. It’s detailed and so sweet and comes in different metal types and colours!

I was having a lazy day when I took these. One of those, comfy around the house days! Super simple, yet super comfy and great since it’s totally diverse.
*= Featured in blog body

Team Edward Tee (Bought by Jane for me)- Bellies
White under top- CCC Jumper Dress (Pink)- CCC
Belmar Skinny Jean. Original Dark- Sand Shack Surf co.
Navy Blue Flats- Fri.Day
Elf. MoonbeamCurio
Chunky Lashes- Candy
*Cutie Flower Pink Mint Necklace- *SISSI*
*Akira Hair- Truth
*Alphabet Ring R- Kewt Kids
*Petal Ladybugs in Love- Tik Tok
*Mrs. Gollightly GLAM Shades- OMFG
*-G[b]R- Double BraceletsGigglebox
Frenchy Nails (Charcoal)- Scoop
*Melancholy Bracelet - White-{Violet Voltaire}

And that is all for this Fabbity Fab Tuesday! Stay sweet and be you! *blows kisses* See you all in a week!

P.s. Beforee I forget! 2010 Accessory Fair!
xo, Rileyy


  1. Yay so awesome! *coughs* Team Jacob *coughs*

  2. Riley YOU ROCK! <3 and ahem TEAM JACOB!!

  3. Ah! *gasp* Team Edward! >:(

    <33 and tyy.

  4. Awesome! and I am so with you on this one Riley! Team Edward!! oot oot!