Saturday, March 13, 2010

Well its that time of the week already...This week it took me forever to finally decide on what I wanted to tell you all about this week, I had so many cute sets of furniture and toooons of outfits but I finally decided and so today we have two adorable Playhouses from ::EmJay:: Created by Ms Magen Jigsaw!

 The playhouses come in a pink *points to the top* or blue *points right* version and includes an adorable furniture set, picure frames and curtians. The Set has two arm chairs complete with 5 sitting animations and also a  pillow stack which also has animations and a cute rug. I Lovelovelove these playhouses so much the textures used are just perfect and full of cuteness and with the matching furniture they are a great place to put up so us kids can esacpe from adults. Mainly beucase they probally can't fit through the door!!

Then next my LOTD took forever to pick I kept changing from one outfit to the next untill this outfit was released! It's called the Lucky Baby Dress from Babydolls Boutiquie and it's a specially one Babydoll has released for St Patrick's Day. Being Irish myself RL I just knew I couldn't miss the opportunity to show you all this cute outfit. I don't always like to stick to wearing a full outfit I like to try and mix and match stuff but this outfit is so cute and looks just perfect how it is I didn't want to change it!

Okayyy and that's it for this weeek...kinda a shortish post but a few pictures and I hope you all go out and grab some of this stuff because its soooo cute! Ohh and I got a tiny tiny bit carried away decorating for this blog post and ended up creating a whole mini enchanted forest with the playhouses set out soooo watch out for a possibility for another Bloggy party sooon :)

*hugs all around*
 JamieJo <3


  1. Those are sooooo cute!! Awesome Post Jamiejojoooo <3

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  3. Suuuccch a great Job! amazing of course <3