Wednesday, March 10, 2010

OmNom, Cheapies & LOTD!

Woot! Hey Everyone! Its my turn! My first post and I am a nervous wreck lol! I have lots in store for you thou, and I will warn you now this post has alot of photos! I will start by telling you there are a few hunts going on right now.
There is:
Shamrock Scramble - Starting Point here
OmNomHunt - Starting Point here
Jubilee Hunt - in which most all stores are participating

As for me I did all of these but I will be blogging about the OmNomHunt, it was so fun! So lets get started shall we?

When I got back from the hunt I thought I would open my packages and much to my surprise I found a snack! A perfect bag of pretzels and mouthie which I got at Mixed Nuts! (shh dont tell I was jumpin in the bed)

Moving on...
Other things I found, this cute lil outfit so I can play waitress! Ever girl plays waitress once or twice right? Lo*Momo made this so cute and the food tray completes it!

Next up is this adorable ring from Prettiful! The best part is it has a hug script in it!

Now how many times have your parents logged off and forgot to feed you?? Mhm! I know! BUT no more worries with this lil robot! You just click on his belly and he offers you some delicious food! I have never been to this place before but what a nice prize Boxed Heros gave out! I will never starve again!

I wanted to test out this neat boat the minute I picked it up, its shaped like a donut! And you can seat 4 in this thing! Make sure you stop over to LCKY and pick yours up so you can drive your friends/family around!

Last but not nearly the least of the hunt was this tooooo cute backpack and mouthie, once I put the sizer script into it, it fit perfect! I will be sure to stop back over to =IZUMIYA= and see what other cute stuff they have!

Now onto the Cheapies and LOTD! Up first is this most adorable Cupcake Skybox which Sanu divided into little sections! Go grab one its only 1L!!

Wrapping up my post and sticking with the food theme for my LOTD is this adorable outfit Babydoll just released! Its called Ice Cream Ballet and I thought it was a perfect way to end this blog. I absolutely love the tutu and leggings, I instantly felt like a ballerina!

Hair: Truth- Milla in blondes
Skin: Curio -:GP: Sundust FREX [Light] Breeze-Pure
Outfit: Babydolls- *BB* Ice Cream Ballet

See you all next week for hopefully not such a long post as this one was! LOL! Happy Hunting!! <3