Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lotsa Dots on Saturday!

Eeeee Heyaaaa Everyone! I'm sooo excited but nervous to be bringing you my first blog post today, knowing me I'll probably mess up at somepoint but let's hope for the best and get started! Today I'll be showing you the most adorable bedroom set I've come across in SL. It's the Lotsa Dots Bedroom Set from Sassafras created by our very own scribbler Abby McDonnagh. The set I'm showing is the blue set but it also comes in pink and green for a variety of styles *points to the bottom corners of the picture above* I love this set so much and I'd love to have it as my RL bedroom set as well as SL but sadly Abby turned down my offer to fly her out here to build me this. The flights were in first class with unlimited chocolate supplies as well!!!

My Favourite part of this set has to be the bed, it's so unique and full of adorableness from the animations in it, which you can use with friends as well *points to the left picture* Oh and that's Francii in there too with me :P However, the highlight of this bed for me is the fact that the covers are magical!! When you go to snuggle down and drift off with the fairies the sculptie animates and changes to actually cover you and keep you snuggly and warm! *points to the picture on the right*

 There is also a charming little dresser in the set to help keep all your clothes nice and tidy and a pile of pillows complete with animations for you and your friends to relax on *points to the left picture*. Also in this Set *points to the top right* there is a marvellous coloring table which comes with four chairs each with three animations for sitting, coloring and drinking your kool-aid! There is also the additional jug of kool-aid, coloring crayons and a tray of homemade cookies which are still nice and warm! And there is still more in this set which makes it even more fabulous than it already is and that is the adorable living room set which includes a sofa, arm chair, coffee table and side table with lamp. All chairs are fully animated and great for sitting around having a natter with friends or family.

Lastly in this post I'll just quickly show you my LOTD, and today I'm wearing a combination of three different Babydoll's Boutique Outfits. My top is from the Kallissa in White outfit, which is one of my favourite ever tops because it's so summery and easy to fit in with any outfit. The skirt I'm wearing comes from one of the newest outfits, ILovePink. I love skirts especially denim ones and this one with its pink hem has to be at the top of my favourites list. The third outfit piece I'm wearing are the shoes from the Chryssia in Pink outfit, the shoes are great for wearing with my wintery tights, trousers, shorts or with a skirt!

See you next Saturday for another exciting post *waves and throws sparkles everywhere*

Jamie, xo

Hair - Truth Akira in Champagne
Skin - Curio Cupid in Sundust
Top - *BB* Kallissa in White
Skirt - *BB* ILovePink
Shoes - *BB* Ballet Shoes (from Chryssia in Pink)

Glasses - Gritty Kitty Prehistoric Glasses
Necklace - LacieCakes Puzzle Necklace (which the wonderful Francii brought me)
Tiara - LacieCakes Jamie's Tiara (custom present from my Mommy!)
Watch - Reek Calculator Watch