Friday, March 12, 2010

:: 50 L Friday :: (12 March 2010)

It's Friday! Yay!

I hope you all had a great week! I'm so excited for the weekend, but first I wanted to share some of the cute finds from this week's 50L lists!

My favourite item by far was the shades from Reek. They come with a HUD with four different colour options and look so cute!

(That's my swagger-look, up there! Oh and a few pics down too. The other scribblers say I haven't got any, but just look! You can see my swagger, right? :/ )

 At Baby Couture, there were two deals - one was a spring outfit that's so comfy, and the other a swimsuit - can you believe it's nearly summer already? I loved the detailing on the sandals, and the cute bracelets too!

Hair: >Truth< Nadia - toffee
Skin: :GP: - Petal [Frex] Dark - Cupid-Pure1

Outfit: [BabyCouture] - Miya Outfit (50L)

I thought the easel from *Slumber Kidz* was so cute (even though it wasn't a weasel, as I thought originally, because I can't read! I got super excited, too. Who wouldn't want a weasel!)

Gigglebox has the most adorable best-friend mouthies - pieces of toast, one with butter, the other with (colour-changeable) jam! How adorable is that?

Just in time for Saint Patrick's Day, Babydoll's Boutique has this pretty shamrock dress. It comes with sandals, bracelets, and even a hairbow. Just to be silly, I paired it with the soft-serve sceptre from Prettiful, which is one of five 50L items available there this week.

Hair: >Truth< Giselle - toffee
Skin: :GP: - Petal [Frex] Dark - Cupid-Pure1

Outfit: *BB* Charming Shamrock (50L)
Sceptre: Prettiful Soft-Serve Sceptre (50L)

This coat from Posh Tots is quite possibly the best coat I've seen in a long time. I love the way it fits, and I love the fur around the hood - so adorable! My sister Francii bought me the shirt I'm wearing in that picture down there; it says, "I'm the boss, not Mommy!" - which is SO true, right?

Hair: >Truth< Grazia2 - toffee
Skin: :GP: - Petal [Frex] Dark - Cupid-Pure1

T-Shirt: *LC* (Kids) - I'm the Boss, Not Mommy Tee
Pants: !NU Color Chinos - grey
Jacket:*PT* Winter Coat (black) (50L)
Shoes: UBU Porn-Stars Lo-tops

As for the adult 50L list, Frannie pointed me to Reek (sunglasses, see above!) and to Adore&Abhor for a box of poses. Cute, cute, cute!

See you back here next Friday for more great deals ~ oh, and keep your eyes and ears open for some fun, new stuff coming to Cosmic Scribbles, soon!


  1. Weee! Adorable as always...and okay, you have swagger for today only <33

  2. Awesome Janey! and um Okay.. I am with Frannie.. I see a lil bit of swagger .. very small bit, but its there. <3

  3. <333 awesome Janiee! you got like 10% swagger... maybe 15% <3 :P