Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday's LOTD and Stuff

Hey Everyone!

This is such a trip,and I am a lil bit nervous, never dressed for tons of people before, I always just grab what I like and go with it. But I wanted something cute for today.

We all have our favorite shoes. So I wanted to start there. Mine are my Petanko shoes from Zero Number. These shoes are soooo cool and so comfortable.- I found them on the Drowsy Sim, when it first opened and wear them all the time. They look awesome with just about anything, but especially with the BF Jeans I found at Maitreya. These jeans took a lil bit to edit, but after I was done, it was so worth it.

I really like the babydoll shirts with these jeans. And I dug all through my closet deciding just which one I wanted. I settled on Babydoll's Boutique Jamiejo in Green top. I love the color green and I love the style of this top.

Then it was time to fix my hair. I remembered some new hair I had gotten one day when we snuck.. I mean got called away from camp to go see some family or something. While we were out, I wandered by Amacci and I freaked out. OMG! I love the hair there. I got a few styles but one of my favorites is the one I have on today-Lisette in reds. When I realized the green in the texture changer on the hat would match the green in my shirt. I knew I was about ready for the day. Just needed some accessories.. hadda accessorize right?

The Jamiejo outfit comes with some bangles, so of course those worked perfect. found a cute heart shaped mood ring from Kewt Kids- its adorable. And to top it off, my very favorite sunglasses from Chelsea's Children's Clothes. These came with Khloe-A cute bathing suit and jacket, but I love them and wear them all the time. Do they match what I am wearing? Nope! I'm a kid who cares. I love em and I wear em!

Welp this was fun! I hope you all have an awesome week! See you next Monday!
Abby <3 *waves at Frannie* (whispers she cries if she isn't mentioned in every post.. shhhh don't tell her I told you guys)

LOTD 3-8
Shoes- [ON]Petanko Cross Venous Blood-Zero Number
Jeans-BF Jeans-Maitreya BF Jeans- Maitreya
Babydoll Top- Jamiejo in Green- Babydoll's Boutique
Ring-Heart Mood Ring-Kewt Kids

Sunglasses-CCC Khloe Sunglasses- Chelsea's Children Clothes

Hair-Lisette in Reds- Amacci Hair
Eyes-Storm Eyes - Blue #02D FNKY!
Skin :GP: Sundust FREX [Dark] April-Pure 1-Curio

Ohh before I am done. I really want to show ya'll this cool new car that was pointed out to me. It's SOOO Adorable. And it's perfect for us kids.

:::: Drags out my newest toy :::

I found this at Blackberry Jam on the Pulse sim. Its is so much fun!. You wear it, and then use arrow keys to move it around. It has a hud that lets you honk the horn. I love driving it around! The store-Blackberry Jam, has some of funnest stuff. I seen kites, A Hamster ball you get in and roll around in. Tons of other stuff, you all should check it out!


  1. *grins at her name being mentioned* Very Cute abbers! <3

  2. I want that car so hard... I remember one time when I was a kid I was in one of those singin I'm a little teapot and the other kids tipped me over and poured me out... I hit my head on the cabinet! *cries again at the memory* It hurt so bad (lmao)

  3. Aww ty Francii and Jamie! and Yes Kylei.. I LOVE that car. same memory.. well not being tipped over like a teapot. LOL! But as a child and that car! and its so cool, cause your feet look like they are pedaling too!

  4. *Sniffs* Abby is all grown up.. I remember when you were small and Jill and I had to teach you how to resize your hair :*) And now you a little fashionista! :D

  5. awww Abby! I knew you could do it! Awesome!! and you'll have to share a LM as to where you did your photos LOL. Now I am scared, you girls are amazing at this!