Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, Love Cosmic Scribbles

*Hop hop hop and waves*

Happy Easter everyone!! We here at Cosmic Scribbles looove Easter. Why? Because of Candy, Chocolate and PINK of course! We hope that the Easter Bunny has been amazing to you in both SL and RL!

*straightens out her Easter dress* Now what would blog post be without a LOTD? So I bring you; my Easter look!

Mommy took me shopping last night and we picked out a super cute Easter dress. Now, saw a whole bunch that I loved but this was definitely one of my favourites and what do you know, it's not all pink! I love this dress, mostly because it's my favourite colour, green! It's super cute and comes with adorable MaryJane shoes and matching pink hairbows! This great Easter outfit is from CCC - Chelsea's Children's Clothing and it's called Zoey! She's also got a couple more Easter dresses just in case you don't like green.

*Tugs flower from her mouth* What would Easter be without flowers? This is a super cute mouthie from Scoop, I bought it a while ago when the store first opened and it's such a pretty Lily, you'll love it! Now lastly, in my hand, I have a gift from a friend that I got yesterday for Easter. It's an Easter basket, but it's soo adorable because while you stand there and swing it or walk, it drops a trail of Easter eggs around you. It create's a little mess but it's sooo cute! It's called the Blow-Up - Happy Easter Basket and you can actually buy it off SLX!

Lastly for my Hair, I'm wearing the super cute hair style from Truth, called Heidi!! It's so perfect for little girls and it's definitely great for pretty dresses like the one I'm wearing!

Aaaand that is all for Riley's Easter LOTD!

Zoey Dress- CCC
Heidi Hair- Brown- Truth
Elf Skin- Curio
Lily Flower Mouthie- Scoop
Blow-Up - Happy Easter Basket

Wish your Easter is amazing and full of love, have a great time and stay safe from all of us here at Cosmic Scribbles. We luv you guys!!

Cosmic Scribbles Staff