Monday, April 5, 2010

Gestures R Us

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fun weekend. I know I am totally full of chocolate. I ate so much I think my eyes turned brown or somthing.

Today my blog post is going to be a lil different. I wanna write about a group of creators that really never get any recognition. You see, you cant take a picture of their creations. But they are a very important part of the kid community. They are the people that give us our voices.

When I first came to SL. I didn't like using gestures, they were silly. Like "Im gonna beat the whoopies out of you". Or "I love you hunny bunch, sugar plum. something" *mumbles cause I can't remember the words*

Gestures have become very important to the kid community, sure there are some that don't use them that much. But even they use some, sometimes.    So many of us do not feel comfortable voicing as kid avis', it tends to take the magic out of our SL. But with gestures we can let people know just how we feel. Whether it be mad, sad, angry or even yes.. bratty .. IKR? Kid avi's bratty?

Madalyn Seetan's Eyeama Kid Gestures, Are simply adorable. I don't think people realize what it takes to make gestures. I know for a fact that when Maddy makes guestures it can be lots of work. She spends hours sometimes. Her gestures range from the very very sweet.. to the ones that could get you Grounded or put in time out forever.  The voice behind her gestures is her little boy, who is amazing. Cute adorable and precocious.

Chloe McMinnar, Makes gestures for her store Little Miss Chatterbox, or LMC for short. They are the voice of her little girl, that just hearing her speak makes you want to say *AWWW*   Chloe also makes furniture, Toys and poses. You should check her out.

The other places I have bought gestures from are.  Precious Ella , Cindy Lu's Gigglebox (hers are done by a 10 year old girl, and are perfect for the child avi that rp's a tween) Kyroberry Gestures (these are only on Xstreet right now, but she is the one that has made the infamous Sissy? Sissy, Sissy?! Sissy, Sissy, Sissy, Sissyyyy?!!!" Gesture.
Cadence Capalini has a few at Cadybugs, and although there are not many, the ones she does have are adorable!!!
Skinny Paine sells some at Prettiful, and although most of hers are off the net and from movies, tv shows and commercials, they are all perfect for a kid :)

Here are some of the kid gesture places Lm's that I know of, I am sure there are more. And I apologize if I missed someone :)
Eyeama Kid Gestures-
Little Miss Chatterbox
Cutie Bootie Girl Gestures
Precious Ella's Gestures
Petite Boutique
Skinny Paine

Ookkkayy, Now to my LOTD- Babydoll's just had a huge release and I love it all, but my favorite is *Sangria*  It is so cute. The top if like an halter babydoll top, but its cut high so perfect for us kids. Sangria comes in 3 different colors. Blue, the one I have on, Orange and Purple. The sandals are included, and so are the beaded  bracelets.  When I wear this I feel like saying. This is really groovy, far out dude! Peace Love and Rock and roll!! I decided to only wear this now, and change the color I wear. *nods*
So my friends.. time for me to wrap it up for another Monday. I really hope this helps you guys find the perfect gestures!
And until next week, Hang Loose you far out and groovy people!
Abby <3


  1. Great post! Didn't even know about Cutie Bootie Girl Gestures, Precious Ella's Gestures, or Petite Boutique. Great Job =)

  2. Yay for gestures!! Awesome post Abby!

  3. Such an awesome Post Abby <33 Love it!