Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dancing Queen

Happy Thursday People!
I hope everyone is having an enjoyable week. I've completely lost track of this week. Yesterday i thought it was tuesday, Doh! *facepalms*
But i definately did not forget that today was my day to show you some awesome stuff. I thought i would do another Pose Fair post since it continues until the 16th. But this one will be a little different.
Today im going to blog Dances! I have so much fun dancing around in sl, so i thought you all might want to see some of the cute dances i have in my chimera. And of course im going to show you a very cute look of the day; because, well, im obsessed with shopping!
*points below* Theres a sneak peek; but you got to read to the end to see. 

First i want to show you some of my favourite dances from the Store Akeyo. Akeyo doesnt just sell dances either; it sells ao ainmations, shoes and allsorts! Some of my favourite knit boots, that i blogged in my very first post are from Akeyo.

Well really i'll let the videos do the talking; but this first video shows the dances Joe 2, Jesse 3 & May 1. They're all super cute and i think they're perfect for kids too because they're not overly s-e-x-y. Although i dont know what that means; i just heard my mommy say it.

The next video shows dances from Akeyo's Nina Set (Nina 05, 04 & 02) I love these ones, and they remind me of playing around and trying to show off my ballet skills!

For those of you who want to know what the songs are i used, i'll look them up for you *goes to look at itunes*
Video 1: 
Rise Up by Yves Larock
Violet Hill (Coldplay cover) by Pendulum
Bleeding Love (cover) by Monika Jefferies
Video 2:
Dead Head Blues by Lightspeed Champion
Hello Seattle by Owl City
Boston by Augustana

All Akeyo dances can be found at Pose Fair. There are also some very cute dances at Ministry Of Motion; and i was planning on showing you some of them too, but i broke the video i'd made so sadly you cant see them. But run over and check those out too!
Oh and for those of you who want to know what im wearing in those videos; the hair is from and the outfit is from Emjay Kidz!

Now onto my LOTD. I'm actually going to show you two very quickly because i couldnt decide. So first up heres my beachy look.

 I love this white tshirt so much! Its from Surf Co, a store which i love and i was happy to see they offered this as last weeks 50l friday item. But dont be sad just yet, its in store still for L$75 so run and grab it!
I also have to focus on the shoes. They're Babydoll's new release, the Dollystocks Sandals. They are texture & colour change and are really just awesome. Quite often im seen running around with no shoes on because i dont have that many that i like. But im sure that these will be my go to pair of shoes from now on!

LOTD Details:
Hair: >TRUTH< Mena - swedish
Skin: Curio :GP: Sundust Frex [Light] Cupid-Pure 1
Shorts: Doppelganger Inc. - Everyday Jean Shorts (Past 50L Friday)
T-shirt: [SC] Surf Couture - Down the Shore Tee
UnderShirt: *~Cadybugs~* Green Undershirt ( Found in!*~Cadybugs~*! 100% Mischief Shirts Set
Shoes: *BB* Dollystocks Sandals
Anklet: *BB* Hemp anklet
Hair Bow: *BB* Maddie hair bow
Bracelet: *BB* Hemp Bracelet  (Anklet, Bow & Bracelet can all be found in *BB* Maddie Outfit)

The second outfit i wanted to show you was a very quick one i just threw together. The dress was sent to me by Kylei Benoir, the mastermind behind cute store [BabyCouture] & of course i have my new favourite shoes on *points her toes* The dress comes in a few very nice colours but my favourite was the sky blue colour =D

Skin: As Before
Hair: fri. - Marie - Happy Blond
Dress: [BabyCouture] Nadine Sky
Mouthie: *Sanu Tiny Flower Blue (Sent to me by fellow scribbler Daisie)
Shoes: As Before

All the poses in my look of the days are from This is a Fawn Iris M Pose pack which i found at pose fair. They are very cute poses & i couldnt help but use them in my post because i loved what was on offer there at Pose Fair!

LOTD 1 :
Iris M. for This Is a Fawn- In the cold I'm Standing
Iris M. for This Is a Fawn- Midnight Souls Still Remain
Iris M. for This Is a Fawn- Until the Night Is Over
Iris M. for This Is a Fawn- You, Appearing

Iris M. for This is a Fawn - Saturdays Equal Youth

Thats all for this week; but dont forget to tune in next thursday for another post by meee! And dont miss Scribbler Jane's 50l friday post tomorrow for whats cute for fridays!

Love, hugs & giggles


  1. OMG! super keeyyyyuute! Now there is another thing you needa teach me please lol making videos in SL! I loved reading this today, helped put a smile back on my face! Thank you <3

  2. Frannie this post was awesome!! <3

  3. Great job, Frannie! I love the videos! <3 Love you!

  4. I lovelovelove this post soooo cute! <3