Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smile, you never know who needs one!

*waves and hands out extra Easter chocolates* Hey everyone, hope your Easter weekend was amazing and totally special! It's that day again, Tuesday and it looks like it's my turn to inform you on some great accessories and hair! So hooold tight and enjoy the riiiiide!

I love the beginning of seasons, mostly, because it's a GREAT time to shop. So I've put together a cute little spring outfit, that's adorable to shop in! First I wanna show you a great hair. I saw it in an add when we were shopping at the pose fair, and I loved it. It's called the Windy from =TEKUTEKU=. Their hair is actually really cute. I had first discovered them at the hair fair last year, but completely forgot about the store until one of the girls passed me the LM. Their stuff is SO cute, and great because they have ALL different styles and super unique ones too. This one is sweet, it's long and wavy, the bangs are side swept so it can be worn with a dressy dress or a casual outfit!

I've got such a bundle on for accessories. So I'm gonna start with my ankle. I've got on this great little, beaded anklet, that is apart of a Babydoll's Boutique outfit called Maddie. It's from her Newest release! It's soo cute because it ties up in the back. I love it. Now on my left wrist I have an adorable single, pink bracelet from one of the full outfits that I bought at CCC. It's from the Lines Dress (Raspberry)! It's adorable and awesomely simple. Onto my left finger, I have another Piece from Babydoll's Boutique, it's a Peace sign ring, from the PopRockin Love outfit! It's a great ring, and definitely my favourite.

*Wiggles her right wrist* This little beaded bracelet is from [Baby Couture]'s RollerDisco outfit. It's a two layer piece of jewelry and it's so so sweet. The outfit was actually from a 50L purchase a while ago! Lastly, I've got this super sweet and adorable little flower mouthie. Daisie actually gave it to me last nigh and it's so so cute! It's from Sanu, and it's one of those random purchase things, where you pay a small amount and you get a gift- but you don't know what you're getting so it's random!Now, fror my last accessory. This is like every girls, MUST have. A purse, I mean where can you leave to without having your purse?? I present to you, a butterfly purse form [Scoop]. It was a 50L item a few weeks back, and it's holdable and it's soooo cute when your shopping. Best of all, it matches my shoes!


 Onto the look of the day! I have on this great outfit- it's from last summer. It's called Melo from [Baby Couture]. It's actually a duo too, I'm just wearing the skirt ensemble! I love the the skirt, it's different and I haven't seen many kids skirts like this. It's got this adorable melon design on it too! The sleeveless golf shirt is perfect for all the soon come, warm days and also holds the same melon design. Lastly, on my feet I'm wearing a totally adorable pair of sandles from CANDY. It's from the Daddy's Girl outfit. The sandles are super suuuper keeyyyyuute! They're perfect for little girls and the bow is so so lovely.

Annnd that is it for this Tuesday's post! Remember to tune in tomorrow for Daisie's post and I'll see you all next week!

Windy. DarkBrown- =TEKUTEKU=
Lines Dress (Raspberry) Bracelet- CCC
Maddie Beaded Anklet- Babydoll's Boutique
PopRockin' Love Peace Ring- Babydoll's Boutique
Roller Beaded Bracelet- [Baby Couture]
Melo Skirt Duo- [Baby Couture]
*Sanu Tiny Flower Blend- Sanu
Frenchy Nails (tickle me pink) and Frenchy Toenails (Charcoal)- [Scoop]
Butterfly Purse- [Scoop]
Daddy's Girl Sandles and Lashes- :CANDY:
Tragic Eyes - Purple Green- [Curio]
Petal-April 2-Pink Lady- [Curio]

Be safe, stay amazing and have fun!

   Riley Sapphire.


  1. Super keeyyyyuute! Glad you liked the flower <3

  2. Ohh I want that purse its adorable! Some Cute stuff! <3 Great post!

  3. Eeeee! Adorable, Riri!! <3