Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bouncing Bunnies and Some Hutches!

Haaaaiiii *waves and shares my ice-cream* This week I went in search of some new and cute bunny hutches for my bunnies. I kinda forget about them alot and with a reminder from Abby that they were in hibernation I decided I'd buy them a lovely new hutch as a way of saying sorry! So on my travels hunting for some new ones I came across quite a few that I liked....

Firstly I'll start with the Candy Bunny Homes from Slumber Kidz. This bunny house comes in two colors, the pink and purple both seen above at just L$100 each. The decorations on this house make me so hungry, with the frosting doorways, window and roof and then the decorative cupcake and lolypop outside. There is also an optional pack where you can buy accessories for this house such as rugs and bunny beds.
Warning the decorations are not edible so do not try to eat them no matter how tasty they look!

So the next set of hutches I came across are the Sassafras Bunny Hutches. Which also come in two colors blue and pink. I love the shabby style wood on these hutches and also how they come with a huge caged run for the bunnies to hop around in. Also included with these hutches is a cute little bunny pillow. These hutches are very spatious and great for keeping alot of bunnies in the one hutch.

Lastly, whilst buying this week's new truth hair from xstreet I decided to have a quick search on their for some more bunny hutches and this is where I came across the beautiful one above from Awesome Blossom. Its called the Blossom Bunnies Kawaii Bunny Hutch. I love this hutch so much becuase its so light and cute. It comes with ALL the shown accessories including the flower window pot, hay bale, bunny food barel ect for just under L$200!

As usual I got a little sidetracked when I was -meant- to be looking for bunny hutches and stumbled across this adorable little store called AnnaMayaHouse which has some awesome accessories in it including a fabulous collection of little snail accessories called Iggy. My favourite Iggy the snail is the snoozing Iggy which i'm wearing in the picture above! Also today I'm wearing one of Babydolls Boutique newest releases called the Maya dress in lilac with some ankle socks from Naive.

Skin - Curio Cupid in Sundust
Hair - Clawtooth SugarBiscut in Snow
Dress - *BB* Maya in Lilac
Socks - Naive Ankle socks in White
Braclets - from the *BB* Maya in Lilac dress
Snail Accessory - [AMH] Snoozy Iggy in Red
Glasses - Gritty Kitty Prehistoric Glasses

Look out for an awesome post heading your way this wednesday...and also the itchy tee's we might all have to be wearing!


  1. cute post :) *goes off to get the socks*

  2. Thanks for sharing your research on the bunny hutches! I have like 20 of them running everywhere, its madness!!!

  3. Thank you for blogging my Iggy :)
    So cute seeing you wear him.