Friday, April 9, 2010

:: 50L Friday :: 9th April 2010

Friday already?! That means Spring Break is officially over starting Monday, darn it. Oh well - there's always summer to look forward to, huh? I'm so excited to share the items I found on this week's 50L lists; I hope you've been saving your lindens!

First, I wanted to mention the sim on which I took my pictures for today's post - Drowsy. It's hands-down my absolute favourite sim in Second Life. The textures on the builds are fantastically-realistic and just quirky enough to be cute without trying-too-hard. I love the landscaping, the pathways that lead to unexpected places, the hidden gifts (there are five that I know of!) throughout the sim, and the melange of shops you truly won't find anywhere else on the grid. It's a perfect place for pictures, shopping or even just exploring. Some of my favourite shops are located on the Drowsy sim as well - BP* by BettiePage, Zero-Number (0N), and Kurotsubaki just to name a few. Definitely check out this place!

Now, onto the 50L items! In this first picture, I'm wearing the adorable 50L hair from Clawtooth - it's got side-swept fringe and a thin headband that's perfect for Spring. Also, the glasses I've got on are 50L, from Fishy Strawberry. They're colour-change, so you can match them with anything! My jeans in this photo are from there as well; they're called Distressed Denim and I have them in Old. They're not 50L but are amazing so I wanted to include them. From So Many Styles this week, I got this faded pink shirt, called a prairie shirt. It also comes in grey! So, two shirts for 50L - awesome!

I felt all college-girl in these glasses so I took my photo in the library on the Drowsy sim - there are hidden poses all over too, so right-click and sit on everything possible! But let's not tell the librarian I was dancing on the bookshelves, okay?

(Other details in this photo: Shoes - Ant Flats in Brown Derby from Miel; Pose - DRM Carnival Reject.)

From Aura's, I picked up this outfit called Sweet Pops for 50L.The sparkly jeans and top are perfect for a day at the playground, and guess what? Drowsy has one of those too!

In this picture, I'm also wearing the 50L item from [SiA] a delicate silver cross. Speaking of crosses, one of the designers of [SiA], FionaRose Bartavelle, sent me a pack of crosses from another shop that was new to me - Vertically Challenged. I love them! If the cross from [SiA] this week makes you want another one, Vertically Challenged is where you wanna go - trust me.

(Other details in this photo: Hair - Isabella in toffee from Truth.)

Don't mind the cows in the background of this next picture - I rather think they enjoyed having their picture taken, don't you? This is the 50L item from Babydoll's Boutique - Addy. It's a flouncy Spring dress, complete with sandals, bracelets and hairbows. I love this because of the big bow in the back ~ and the adorable texture as well. So comfy and perfect for this kind of weather.

Oh! And see that paper plate mask? I used that so the cows wouldn't see how scared I was to be posing next to them. They're HUGE and I'm little and - so! It's got a smiley face on it - how cute is that? I thought this was a totally unique concept - I love stuff like this, that you won't find anywhere else. It's from Scoop and is 50L this week.

(Other details in this photo: Hair - Marie in Moody Brown from; Pose - TeaCup from Olive Juice.)

Phew! 50L shopping has worn me out again. I ran around Drowsy to find a cozy place to sleep, but before I lay down to nap, I wanted to share a couple more finds with you. This outfit is from Cadybugs, and is the 50L item this week. It comes with a dress option too, /and/ she's got this out in two colours, blue and yellow. Mine's blue.

The band-aids on my knees and cheek are from Inner Peace, and are 50L this week! I love all the colours and designs they come in! I don't wanna blame my scrapes on those cows, but they DID look awfully suspicious, didn't they? Hmmm... My pose in that picture is from the Child Ground Sit set at TOTK.

Other 50L stuff I loved this week:
Giraffe outfit from Larnia Kids (also available: accessories and shoes to match!)
Corduroy pants FATPACK from J4KK
Nadia dress from BabyCouture

'til next week (and watch out for shifty cows),
Jane <3

P.s. Don't forget Pose Fair! It's still going on through the 16th.
P.p.s. Stay tuned for Jamie's Saturday Scribble, tomorrow!


  1. *creeps away from the cows* Loved this sissy! <3

  2. Awesome!! And totally helpful Janey <33 *hugs*

  3. Great post as usual Janeyboo! <3 I loved it and it really makes me wanna go explore Drowsy again.

  4. and I really really need those bandaids!!!

  5. I got so much stuff today and I just cleaned my invo! Thanks Janey!! Awesome!! <3