Monday, March 29, 2010

I can tell it's Monday!

Ohh What a day. I am sorry I am a posting a little later than usual today, but omg, it's been nuts! See I had this really cool LOTD planned for today, I mean the coolest, and I totally overslept!

 Here I was sleeping totally peacefully, well as peacefully as you can with curlers in your hair.

I sat straight up in bed as soon as I figured out I was running late! Hurrying up and trying to fix my hair. I came up with a total mess. 
Luckily Jamie was around and helped me straighten it out. And now I could get dressed! 
I dug through my closet and came up with the most awesome shorts from Gear Shift. These shorts are so cool! They are baggy and comfy, and look awesome!
Next I needed a shirt,  Crewneck Tee from is something that goes with anything, and I honestly do wear it with anything. I have it in all colors and its perfect for the layered look or even just wearing by itself.

The shirt comes from NINIKO If you haven't been to Niniko yet, you really must head over there, her clothes are adorable! And this shirt is the perfect shirt to wear as a layered type of look. You can wear the hem prim or go without it, up to you.
The hair I *just* found this morning, at this new store I love Olive, there isn't a ton of hair there yet, but I am excited by what is there already.
Oh, I remembered I had to have my backpack, I really don't like going very many places without it. I found this at AnnaMayaHouse, its got everything a kid needs to survive out in the big bad world. Well especially when their mom hasn't cooked dinner in over a couple of weeks. Fast food is our friend, and I think there should be a special food group just for it.. Don't you all agree?

 Now finally! I was ready to go play. I was anxious to go to Marianne McCann's Store. You know, for kids.  She has some really fun stuff there, tons of Retro toys. Like an Easy Bake Oven, A Light Bright, Wax Lips, Stone Pets, A Rideable Wagon, Terrariums to grow plants in. And so much more. Just walking in the store brought back memories, its really a cool place, I could get lost for hours just window shopping. Well I had to buy a few things. So...

I got the wagon. It is so cool you can actually sit in it and using your arrow keys move the wagon and make it go.  I also picked up some wax lips. Points to the above picture. I love these lips, she has three styles. I bought them all, her prices are sooo reasonable! I also got the Whee-lo, I could sit here and watch it for hours go around and around. This place is not just for kid avi's, it's a place for ALL kids at Heart!

Curler Hair- Red Shades Curl up and dye
Frizzy Hair-Akili - Hibiscus- Damselfly Hair Salon
Shorts-  [GearShift] subZERO faded blac-GearShift
Tee Shirt-Crewneck-White- 
Overblouse-"NINIKO"Retro Blouse- Niniko
Braided Hair-MILLA HAIR AUBURN -I Love Olive
Backpack-[AMH] Fastfood Backpack-AnnaMayaHouse
Wagon, Whee-lo, Wax Lips and Flower Headband-You know, For Kids

Well, I think that is it for today. I guess even if it started off bad, it has ended up in a very good way, and the LOTD was awesome! :)
Until next week, As Riley says..

Big hugs! <3


  1. ahh! Cutee abby! :P Thank god for Jamie!

  2. Ty Daisie and Riley <3 and yes, she saved the day! lols!

  3. Yay! Glad you liked my little store!

  4. Thank you for wearing my backpack :)
    Lovely blog you guys have here.

  5. You are welcome Anya and I really do love your store. Its great!! <3