Saturday, April 3, 2010

Drip, drip, drop Little April Shower....

Helloooo Everyone and Happy Easter or well almost Easter! Today I have a few things lined up because I couldn't pick which one I loved more to show you. So first of all is this gorgeous new bedroom made by the lovely Amaliscious Destiny from La'Licious and its the Playhouse Bedroom Set.
I'll start with my favourite part of this set and that is the bed! Just after I set it out I ran afk for only a few moments and came back to find Abby jumping all over my lovely new bed! It has many more animations in the pillows as well as being perfectly textured with an adorable little window flower box on the side. Now the most exciting part of this bed is that it has a secret little room round the back *points to the bottom left picture* it is only big enough to fit us kids in so it perfect for keeping the adults out! It comes with cute table and chairs set where you can much on some cookies and sip tea with friends while chatting about the weather :)

This set also comes with lots of accessories including the dresser, toybox and pictures all seen in the top left picture. In the top right picture you can see the faboulous window wall frame which is the perfect place for a picture of your most favourite people so in mine is obviously the cosmic scribble girlies! Also up there is the dollhouse rocking chair is animated and oh so cute. The trellis picture board seen in the bottom picture. Also in the Bottom picture is the Pose Blocks from Sassafras EXCLUSIVE to the pose fair you might have seen Jane post about yesterday along with her 50L Friday post. 100% of the proceeds of these blocks goes to the Motivation charity which is such a great cause and you can read more about their work by following the link!

Oh and then I found this ADORABLE little sofa set and fell in love so I figured why not share it will all you aswell beucase it is SO beautiful! It is the Walter Sofa set from MudHoney It comes with an amazing selection of color options and in two halfs *points to the top left with the two seperate pieces* After a hard days work for some of us scribblers we threw 4 pieces of this set together in a square and had a nice little nap!

Okay and last but not least my LOTD. It's been raining SO much for me this week so I thought I'd put on some puddle stomping gear and wear some wintery outfits for one last time before I break into wearing adorable summery outfits! The Coat is from Oyakin* and it comes with quite a few different cuff and hood options and here I'm wearing the plaid versions. The jeans are one of my favourite and they are from Decoy 
and the rainboots are something a little old but I still love them to pieces and they are part of the CCC Apple Showers. All the poses I used in my LOTD can be found at the Pose Fair along with so many more but you would have read all about these in frannie's post this thursday :)

Playhouse Bedroom Set - La'Licious
Walter Sofa Set in Bolds - MudHoney

Skin - Curio Cupid in Sundust
Hair -Truth Melinda in swedish blonde
Glasses - Gritty Kitty Prehistoric Glasses 

Jacket - Oyakin* coat in navy
Jeans - [Decoy] Dana 76 Jeans - Medium
Rainboots -CCC Apple Showers Rainboots

Phew okay thats it for me this week, Happy Easter everyone and I hope you all eat lots and lots and lots of chocolate tomorrow!
*hugs and throws some sparkles*



  1. So wonderful! Awesome job, JooJoo! <3

  2. Woot super cute and now i get to do more shopping! hehe! <3

  3. Thank you so much Jamie. <3 Glad you like it! =)