Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pose Fair....No it's not an April's Fool

Wow! That time is finally here! POSE FAIR...Well almost here; it officially starts tomorrow at 4pm. I'm sure you can hardly contain yourselves. I know i've been wetting myself with excitement for weeks.
I'm just going to show you some of my favourite poses today and some very cute kid's poses that are available at pose fair; afterall, theres alot going on over there. so you've just gotta check it out for yourself!

Warning: Lots of piccys! (though by now im sure i dont have to warn you that my posts are always picture heavy)

First up i wanna show you the awesome poses available from our very own scribbler abby McDonnagh. Abby has been working her little butt off to make these poses, which is a new section to her store Sassafras. There's some super cute friends poses and family poses too.

Abby has definately perfected pose making. Her hand placements are so cute and you can tell the detail shes gone into to make them awesome. Oh and we definately had some fun posing for the vendor ads. Gawd the laughs we had when sl kept breaking and jamie ended up wearing about 10 different outfits!

My Favourite, though, has to be the Surrounded by Love pose. It's super cute for posing with friends and i just love the fact its laying down. Mainly because im lazy, and cant help but like lazing around, but also because it can easily fit into alot of different backgrounds

Next up i want to show you Sparklez in the Attic. I have blogged this store before, and guess what! They're at pose fair too. So take a look at some of the cute stuff that is available!
I love that pose! How cute do we look in our jammies :D

Now pose fair is HUGE and i can't take a picture of everything... Imagine how much longer this post would be if i did! I did, however, want to point you in the right direction of some super cute poses.
SMALL has some super cute kids poses, as does [BCmunchkins]. Both of those stores can be found nearby [S.i.A] in the kids corner of pose fair. Just look for the candy & icing!

Also Chandni Khondji, the pose creator behind *~*HopScotch*~* sent me some very cute adult best friend poses, and look, they fit so nicely for kid avatars too!

Another cute pose store you might want to check out is aDORKable Poses, who has a VERY 'adorkble' pose prop. It's a girls only den! and although its made for adults its super cute for kids too. It's only 34 prims and has 5 built in poses for you and your friends. So please please check that out, because it is so sweet!

You might have noticed, Jane has an addiction to ao poses, and it's starting to rub off on the rest of us. So you must check out the ao's available exclusively at pose fair. Especially Random Kitten's. They're so kid like and cute!
And check out Akeyo. There will be pose fair exclusive ao's; which i havent had chance to see yet, but im pretty sure they'll be cute as and akeyo's awesome dances!

There are ALOT of very cute single poses at Pose Fair too, and one store i just loved was Luxe Helendale's store do re mi. Look how cute the poses are!

They're such fun poses and they look super keyyyyute! The pose on the far right is part of a free set at do re mi so don't forget to grab that. It's a set of 3 poses with different stars.
The Lovely outfit im wearing in this picture is one of Candy's new releases, Hartleigh and was previously blogged by daisie. I think its adorable and i love the shorts so much!

Now, please dont laugh at us, but i had to finish the blog post with this picture. As we were running around pose fair we were in a skype call so we wouldn't have to shout across the sim to each other. We laughed so hard as we ran around; especially at this moment!

Look! It's us...TWICE! Ha we are such losers. We posed infront of StoRin's Pose ad which we had posed for. And yes, that is me dressed as a smurf!
Scattered around the sim are signs to get free skins to minimise lag. They come in blue and pink. We kind of didn't use them properly, 'cause they are there so you can wear them and nothing else. But i couldn't resist throwning on some white clothes and running around as a smurf :D

Apologise's for my brain being all over the place today, but i hope you like what i've shown you and you go to Pose Fair yourself and pick up some super cute stuff!

Poses Used: 
Sassafras Kid/Family Poses- Surrounded by Love

[SiA] PF Don't let go
[SiA] PF Kissing on my Little girl
[SiA] PF With Friends / Kids Size

 *~*HopScotch*~* Best Friends Ever- Lean on me
*~*HopScotch*~* Best Friends Ever - Carry you everywhere

drm living in a dream
drm make it big someday
drm carnival reject
drm like a diamond (freebie at pose fair)

DON'T FORGET! Pose Fair is raising money for the awesome charity Motivation - a mobility charity that works to help disabled people throughout the world in low income countries, who do not have access to other means of support.

AND for those of you who want direct slurl's to the different stores at pose fair, check out this post by Miss Katey 

*collapses in a heap on the floor*
Please, no more pictures for a week. Now i have to go and tidy my inventory folder's and find some lindens 'cause i am so broke now!



  1. Great post! I love the loser pic of us! LOLOL! DORKS UNITED! <3 ty frannieface!

  2. Lmao <33 I love you guys. Amazing post Frannie! Soo cute as always!

  3. Awesometastic as always Frannie!! <3

  4. Great post and thankies from [SiA] ^-^