Friday, April 2, 2010

:: 50L Friday :: 2nd April, 2010

Hi, everyone! Happy Almost-Easter! If you know me in-world (or have me on your Plurk timeline!) you know how excited I've been about Spring Break! Today is the first official day of it and guess what? I'm blogging in my jammies, before Mommy or the other Scribblers are even awake. (Except Frannie just woke up, so I'll be a bit distracted now.) I've got some keyyyyyyute things to share with you today from both the kids and the adult 50L list but first I wanted to show you something super-fun for Easter - an Easter-egg-dyeing table, from Sway Dench, the same designer who makes those adorable Cookie Bears.

The Scribblers were snoozing, but my friend Linsay Aya, one of the designers behind the kids' shop Scoop was awake, so guess who got dragged into dyeing eggs? This table is SO adorable! It comes with six tubes of paint (three "opened" and three closed), two paintbrushes, two eggs, a carton of eggs, three bowls of dye, and a whole basket already filled with coloured eggs. Also! The table cloth and chair cushions are texture-change, so you can match them with your decor or change them to random Spring colours like we did. Definitely hop on over (get it, hop? Easter? hahaha!) to SwayLand and grab one of these tables!

The kids' 50L was full of adorable stuff for Easter this week! I was so excited to see Cadybugs on the list again. If you've never been there, you have to check it out. Her clothes are really well-made (a huge selling-point for me!) and always have such great little detailed touches - in the picture below, I'm wearing the 50L outfit from Cadybugs, called Cricket. See the little bows on the shorts? Adorable! I love stuff like that.

The tote bag is the 50L item from Tres Blah, a store that Jamie and Francii introduced me to - and we bought nearly everything in it. This bag is perfect for summer! I love the scarf tied around the handle, and the unicorn and rainbow design on the front.

My pose here is from Olive Juice, and was part of the Alice in Wonderland Pose Pack I picked up at Pose Fair. There's so many cute poses, dances, and AO animations there - if you haven't been, check it out. Just be prepared to want... everything. It's going on through 16th April.

I redecorated my bedroom yesterday and thank goodness I saved a corner for this adorable set of blocks from Sassafras! They're at Pose Fair and the proceeds go to charity, but you can buy a block for 50L at the store!

Of course, /your/ blocks won't say /my/ name! They can say whatever you like! They're texture-change to numbers, letters, and even cute symbols like that heart up there, a peace sign and other cuteness. Annnnnd. They have poses in them too! I'm never, ever taking them out of my room! Sassafras has a shop at Pose Fair, too, so make sure you find it when you go.

My outfit in the picture above is the 50L item from Babydoll's Boutique. A capris set complete with shoes and hairbow, all for 50L. Though you can't see it in the picture, the t-shirt has a bunny on the front ~ and I love the scuplted sleeves. Ahhhhh. *sighs happily*

From EmJay Kidz, I'm proud to be able to show you a bunny cottage made by my big sister, Bette Bodenhall.

 The bunny ears on top of the cottage are SO cute but my favourite part is the shabby-chic textures used throughout (The one on the door is my favourite, even though I had to open the door for this pic!). I almost wish I could move in! But I tried that with the last bunny house we had and Mommy wasn't too happy.

My outfit in that picture is another of the 50L offerings from Cadybugs, and the pose I used is from This is a Fawn - it's called Date with the Night.

After a long morning of blogging, all I wanted to do was sit on the porch swing in the sunshine and relax, whilst eating a bunny ear (chocolate of course!) So that's what I did.

The pretty pink shoes are one of /tons/ of 50L items available today at Larnia Kids. I love the detail on the shoe-strap! And I did a close-up of the 50L item from Gigglebox, a bunny mouthie! I thought it was so neat cuz you pay the vendor and it gives you one of twenty different colours of this mouthie! You also get an Easter egg hat, too.

Oh! And the rocking chair up there is from La'Licious Designs, another new-to-me shop that I just love. The textures on all the pieces there are so realistic and adorable.

There's tons of other cute stuff this week on the 50L list! SiA has a wavy headband that will compliment your Spring dresses wonderfully; check out Forever Young for a jammie-set; Inner Peace has a pretty outfit for 50L along with some keyyyyuuuute stuff from the latest release.

That's it for this week! Have a wonderful, egg-stra special Easter! (Har, har. I can hear Riley groaning, now!)

<3 Jane.


  1. eeee sissy! So cute! *steals your chocolate* <3

  2. I love reading your posts! <3 *grabs the chocolate from Frannie*

  3. Haha I always laugh at your little jokes *har har* Awesome post Janey!! <3

  4. *slips the chocolate from abby and takes a bite* Amazzing at always Jane <33 soo awesome!! <3