Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The wonderful thing about Tigger, is Tigger's a wonderful thing!

*Twirls her hair and smiles* Hey! Happy Tuesday all! Yes, it's already Tuesday and here I am, ready and of course willing to bring you your weekly dose of hair and accessories!

So! I'll start with hair as usual. *points to her pigtails* Cute, no?! This the Rebecca in Dark Brown from Junwave. I love this store, I pretty much own ALL of their hairs and the best part is; RIGHT now the store is having an AWESOME sale! If you've shopped at Junwave, then you know that their hairs are cheap as it is, 50% off THAT price, and you're set for hair!! This style though is great, it's SO... keyyyyyyyute. I love pigtails and these half up-half down pigtails are great and super adorable on ANY kid av! If you're punk it works, if you're girly it works too, if you're like me and throw anything on... it works too! Best of all, if you're like Jane and have a little Swagga, it work awesome as well!

Now in my mouth, which my little clepto self (hair for everyone on my mama card!), so awesomely swept from my mama's pocket is a Vista Card mouthie from ::KeWt KiDs::! It's so adorable and super creative! It's one of my favourite mouthies!

Notice the awesome colours on my hands and knees?! I got a little excited with bandaids when I took this. No really though, these are super cute and I've had them for such a long time. They're Bandids from Razzberry Inc. They're colourful and super cute for both boys and a girls! *Points to her necklace* This is from LacieCakes! It's one of two necklaces from the PB&J Best Friends Necklace Set. This one is the Jelly. If you have a bestie, you definitely NEED to get yourself and them, this set! Now for the next piece of jewelry, my bracelets. This is a set from Babydolls Boutique, and it's kinda great because the charm bracelet and the beads on both arms, are colour change. So really, the set can go with everything and anything. The set is called *BB* Princess Charm bracelet & bangles. That is all for Hair and accessories!!


I'm totally into dresses and looking cute but every so often, I have a day where I toss on a bunch of different stuff. Clearly, this was one of those days! My shirt is actually kinda funny, it's got a hangman joke on it that says "Words will never hurt you huh?". I love it and it kind of sends a message that 'Yea words CAN hurt'. This shirt is from Buttons and she's actually got a few super cute tees there too! Check it out! For my awesome Denim shorts; these I have had for a bit as well, they're from Maitreya and called Jeans Shorts - Sun Bleached. They're cute shorts, now the cuffs you may need to resize them a little because they ARE for adults, but the shorts are actually kid friendly and not too short for a little girl! Lastly onto my shoes, these are from Surf Co. They're knitted boots with leg warmers, and these leg warmers as you can see, are colour change. It's pretty awesome because you can mix and match and stuff! I love them!

Rebecca D-Brown- Junwave
Vista Credit Card- ::KeWt KiDs::
PB&J Best Friends Necklace Set- LacieCakes
Jeans Shorts - Sun Bleached- Maitreya
*BB* Princess Charm bracelet & bangles- Babydolls Boutique
[RI] Bandaid Arms+Legs- RazzBerry Inc.
[SC] Surf Couture - Parker Knit Boots - Light Brown- Surf Co.
Chunky Lashes- Candy
Skin- Curio
Tee[HANG.DUDE]- Buttons

That is all from me! Have an amazing and safe week everyone! See you Next Tuesday! *blows kisses*

Hopes the Easter Bunny is amazing to you all,
                                     xoxoxx   Riley Sapphire


  1. I thought for sure I commented on this!! Super keyyyyyyyute!! :D *hugs*

  2. Adorable Riley! I love that hair on you <3

  3. Oh I want the shirt and the boots, and the.. well all of it! <3

  4. I looooove the boots! <333 awesome as always riley!

  5. <3 Thank yaa lufflies. The boots are loovee.