Monday, April 12, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

I don't know about you guys but I LOVE Kites, and the weather has been so pretty. All I can do is think about being outside, and outside with the wind blowing, makes me think of flying Kites.   I am not sure why people think someone telling them to "Go Fly a Kite" is an insult, I would love someone to tell me that. This time of year it would be like telling me to "Go Eat Chocolate"

 Ok I am rambling and almost forgot what I am here for.  My Cosmic Scribbles Blog post! *YAY COSMIC SCRIBBLES!!!, *Makes fake applause noises in the background*
Snookys Poses has the neatest Kite Poses, (released at the Pose Fair 2010) And I was lucky enough to have them given to me as a gift from my Uncle Kaz.   The Face of the Kite changes to umm I think it was 8 different faces and the fat pack comes with 6 poses. It is so adorable!  Since Frannie was taking my pictures this week,. (I think you guys know by now my picture taking skills are pretty iffy) I wanted to do a Kite Poses with her. So I chose the Up, Up, And Away! Pose. It is so adorable, and Because I can edit the pose, I was able to move me and Francii up enough so it looked perfect. And she is so strong, I never fell.

There is one more double pose for the Kite and then 4 singles, and I promise you, you will love them! *brushes my jeans off, and begins to show off my LOTD* Btw, the poses I am using for the LOTD pics are also by SNOOKY's, Totally adorable for sure.

The cute peasant top is from Tres Blah, She also has it in blue, I love this top it goes pretty much with capri's, shorts, and jeans. I have so much stuff from her, it all seems to fit both kid and adult avis.
Jeans are from fishy strawberry, I think Fishy's jeans have already been blogged but they fit so well, I am doing to do it again. I took a chance one day when Fishy Strawberry was having an $100L sale and got a few pairs, and I was pleasantly surprised how well they fit me.  My Sunglasses are called Fae Ban Glasses, also from Fishy Strawberry.
My Shoes, my ever so favorite pair. I have blogged before, but I wear them all the time. They are from Zero number, and even though apparently Zero Number has closed their doors, the shoes are still at Drowsy.
My bag is from Kittenish, its so cute with all the flower pins and the lil fuzzy guy hanging on, its colorful but not too childish, I totally love it. I gave a ton of these out for Christmas Presents last year.
The Jewerly I am wearing comes from Lacie Cakes. It is freaking adorbale. Its Skittles! Earrings, Ring,  Nomnom necklace, and bracelets. Can you say cute!! Hurry on over to LacieCakes, she has all kinds of neat stuff, for kids on up to adults, presents for mom galore (reminder  Mothers day is coming up, well for the US, and I believe some other places) . And while you are there, check out her mischief sets, Talk about fun!!

Heres all the links:
Snooky's @ Pose Fair- Kite Pose Pack
Tres Blah- Peasant Top-Green
Fishy Strawberry- Jeans, Distressed Denim-Old
Kittenish  Colors of Winter Bag-Black
Fishy Strawberry-Fae-Ban Glasses Black/Green
LacieCakes- Rainbow Candy Set w/nomnom KIDS
SNOOKYs-Model Poses

Zero Number- Shoes- [0N] petanko cross venous bloode
Photographer-Francii Loxely

I think my time is up. Again it has been a blast. Please tune in for Riley's post tomorrow! I hear its gonna be a good one!

Hugs! <3