Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The monkey Chased the Weasel...

*crawls up behind you* Boo!! *waves and sits* Happy early morning Tuesday everyone! Hope the weekend was  good to you guys. Bet it was filled with love and all awesome things pink! So I got a few new places for you guys to check out and some older places with new things! I'm excited and I hope you are too.

I love, love LOOOVE pigtails and braids, like totally adore. Awesomely, an amazing friend passed me this place and said I HAD to check it out. So I did and they have such cute hair. Best part is it's super super cheap. So if you're a kid on a budget, then you wanna check out Trico. The one I am wearing is Josee (Umber). It's the dark brown version from there and it's really great because the uneven bangs add so much to the hair and braid is so perfectly placed! Best of all it's in pigtails and not the obnoxious pigtails but sweet low ones, that flair out so awesomely at the tips. *flips her pigtails and smiles* See isn't it keyyyute?!

So for jewelry I have a few different pieces. In my mouth... I have this thing... mama said it was called a tape and it plays music. But ipods play music! why use this tape?! Anyway, it's a tape and it's sweet because it gives off little music note poofs! It's a Freebie at Lostwood and it has a Disc one as well. They come together and are soooo awesome. Ok onto my earrings; I always have these on (when I remember to put them on). They're silver, dangly heart earrings. They're from Babydoll's Boutique and they come with the *BB* Isolde outfit. They can be dressed down or dressed up so they're great for anything.

Now, I bet you love your friends and family. I adore mine, seriously, I have the BEST friends anyone could ask for and my family is simply perfect. So I like to take them everywhere with me because they're so important. Well I do, and you can too! LacieCakes has a Lolaroid necklace, it's a beautiful piece and you can put in a bunch of photos and it holds a lot. So when you're walking around, the photos are changing and you just look down and see the ones you love. Isn't that great? Now the next pieces I want to show you are my bracelets. The one on my left is a band from GiggleBox made by Cindy Lu. There are a whole bunch she set out, and this one specifically say Princess. But there a bunch of different sayings and the best part is that they are colour change, so it's boy friendly! On my right is a sweet one from Cadybugs, it's pink with little flowers and it's part of the !*~Cadybugs~*! Kyia outfit.


Now onto my look for today! This is a brand new outfit from [Baby Couture] and I was lucky enough to get sneak peek at it! It's called Vivian. This is a great summer dress, it can be casual but also dressy because conveniently it comes with two different types of skirts as you can see above. It's so tropical and sweet and great for the summer says. The sandals are sold with the outfit and are so detailed and perfect and can be worn alone with another outfit! I simply adore them.The shorter skirt is two layed and flows so nicely, I just love how poofy it is! The longer one falls a little longer to one side. *points to the pretty flower in her hair* This comes with the outfit too and I was running around with it in my hair when I was in my Jammies this morning. It's adorable and the matching ring has a little pink version of it too! Isn't it just cute? Now don't look for the outfit there JUST yet, it won't be available until Friday, so you'll have to wait! The hair I have on in THIS look is from Truth and called Melinda. I'm wearing the chocolate from the Dark Browns pack!

And that my friends, is today's LOTD!

Josee (Umbra) - Trico
::Lostwood-Music Disc & Tape::- Lostwood
*BB* Heart Adored Dangle Earrings- Babydoll's Boutique
*LC* E (Kids) - Lolaroid Photo Necklace (AD)- LacieCakes
-G[b]R- Gel Wristbands- GiggleBox
!*~Cadybugs~*! Kyia Bracelet- !*~Cadybugs~*
[Baby Couture] Vivian- [Baby Couture]
Melinda Dark Brown- Truth
Breeze Skin- Curio
Poses used from- Glitterati, Avant and Fri.day.

!! Hope your week and amazing full of love. Thanks you for tuning in, and I'll see you all soooon. *blows sweet butterfly kissies*

     Riley Sapphire


  1. Awesome Riley! Love that hair on you! imma go look there <3

  2. cute cute cute!! I have that necklace and love it! <3

  3. I can't believe it, a hair place I have never been to!! I can't wait to see what else they have!
    <3 Love the pose Riley!